Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Makeup Tutorials & Vein checks. Can you be a red head?

My video featuring Leigh, and a fresh, romantic, springtime makeup tutorial is ready for your viewing pleasure!  It was so fun making this video!  Oh man I love makeup, squeeee!!!!

You know what else I love?  Hair (on the head that is).  The right colour, cut, and style is so important for every person to be the most beautiful version of themselves...  I've spent many years obsessing, changing, and experimenting with my hair colour, and thanks to thousands of dollars, and probably a year of my life of sitting in a stylist's chair, and internet research, I've got a pretty good idea of what hair colour suits each person.  Every person can be a ravishing redhead, sexy brunette, or minxy blonde, but the shades, depths, and tones of these colours will vary greatly!  For example, let's take a look at a few of my favourite hair transformations:

Black to blonde (+ new nose) to red... Love it all
From Blonde to Deep brunette, Nicole knows what tones suite her skin colour
Love her in all of these colours, especially the platinum blonde
Deep brunette and warm caramel/red are my favourite colours on Lindsay

Celebrities are not the only ones that can change up their hair colours...  I posted a series of my hair colour changes, as well as a major hair transformation of my girlfriend Erinn here; and my girlfriend Chrissy has successfully been a blonde, redhead, and recently, a brunette!  Behold!
Blondie with her cutesy baby daughter
HOT redhead!  Everyone thought this was her natural colour!
On her way back to blonde from red
Newly brunette!
So what does this mean for you?  Perhaps a whole new look!  Before you take the plunge, take a look at your vein colour:  Do they look blue or green?  Green looking and you are most likely a cooler tone; ashy blondes, neutral brunettes, and cool reds will look best on you.  Blue veined beauty?  Think caramel, warm browns, and deep auburns to complement your skin tone.  Your best friend besides a brow threader?  An HONEST hair stylist that will tell you "NO, you will look like a corpse if you do this" when you request the raven locks of Demi Moore; and who will guide you in the right direction in hair-makeover-dom.

New idea:  Anyone copy a video tutorial's look successfully?  If you have, take a picture and send it to me!  I will post a winner every few weeks (no cash prize, but recognition should be enough)!  The best one thus far comes from Kat who did the double layer technique and Brigitte Bardot inspired eyemakeup!!  Kat even came up with a name for this contest... "To a T".  She's smart and Hot!!  Betch.

Oh my, aren't you precious!
Spring up your makeup and consider a new hair colour...  Just don't get sowee at me if you hate it.

xo T

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