Monday, September 26, 2011

Nesting OCD

I think the term "nesting" could be another term for "OCD"  - Reduces any negative stigma to make us crazy pregnant ladies feel less crazy.  I'm OUT OF CONTROL: My crocheting is next level:  2 pairs of Ugg style booties, a pair of bunny baby slippers, some galoshes, a newborn photo-shoot outfit including a diaper cover and lil' hat with ears on it, and a coming-home-from-the-hospital hat... in pink cashmere of course.  I am currently working on her Christmas stocking, which will naturally be better and more elaborate than Earl's, mine, or Dugg's (obvy Dugg has a stocking).  We've also recently moved to a more "baby friendly house" and I'm LOVING it!!!!  Who knew that a garage, pantry, and his and her walk-in closets would be such marriage savers??  

It's been a fabulous, busy, and crazy few weeks.  The most notable development has been my burgeoning baby bump, and the news that we are having a GIRL!!!  Oh man, obvy I would have been excited either way, as long as the babes is healthy, but I mean, to be honest, having a boy the first time around would be a lil' more daunting...  All I would be able to think about while waiting for the birth is whether or not I should circumcise the lil' guy, and whether or not he would be interested in wearing a tutu (have you seen those baby tutus???  Wholly shiza they are adorable.  I've bought one already for our lil' Jujube).  I've also started the decorating of the nursery.  Literally she has more expensive furniture than we do...  The theme is mid-century modern/glamourous.  No kitch, no cutesy-ness...  She has a mirrored credenza for drawers, an amazing twin pull-out chair in there with the most delicious throw pillows you can imagine, and a pristine white crib (in the mid-centruy style of course) thus far; oh, and some pretty gorgeous art as well.  Husbo is a SAINT and is right on board with the baby craziness.  Here's a few photos of the crib assembly:

Dugg attacking the instructions
(that's right!!  Duggy is back for his Vacation in Canada with the parentals,
Mandy, and Kate... What a lil' trooper) 
Anal retentive taking over checking the husbo's work
You have something in your belly
I've also discovered - well my fellow beauty lover and fabulous girlfriend discovered - a new favourite beauty product!!!  I don't know how I've been functioning without it for so long!  It's a primer, tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen in one:  Behold, Fusion PrimeResults!  I am LOVING using it as part of my double layer technique, with Laura Mercier's Mineral Pressed Powder, and of course a good dose of bronzer.  Even in the record breaking summer heat of Houston, my makeup lasts all day, and has the perfect combination of glow/soft focus/coverage.  You can also wear PrimeResults on its own when you're in a rush - it gives a little coverage, and makes your skin feel velvety smooth.  It's definitely on my list of must haves for any makeup wearing woman!!!

Keep the makeup polished, and skin hydrated.  Everything else will sort itself out :)

xo T