Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't paint by numbers your face

Ummmm, what's happening here?  Remember I said how much I loved J-Lo's makeup?  Well there is an exception to this statement... Behold:
Bad J-Lo. Bad.
Why the mega green and weird amount of blush??  I'm all for a lovely green shadow done right, actually there are endless colours that you can use to create a smokey eye and really make your peepers pop, but that means the rest of your face has to be somewhat subdued.  The blush just ruins it for me, and also how MUCH green shadow was slopped on her lids.  She's so beautiful, why the weird clown mask?  In light of this not-so-buzz-worthy face situation, I will be making a video that shows you how to do a coloured smokey eye in a fabulous way, without looking like you are either 80's fabulous, or a midget-clown.  I'm off to a Cirque de Soleil performance tonight; I've decided to share the fun makeup look I'm going for!

Smokey Eye + bubble gum pink lips.  Deeelish
Don't be a clown, be a monkey.  They get to swing from trees.

xo T

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bronzed and slightly Jaundicey... In a good way

The bronzed/neutral J-Lo inspired video is ready.  I decided to turn it into a more natural/wearable version of her rendition, as I think it's a perfect day look, especially coming into Spring.  I tried to put the video to one of J-Lo's songs, but as beautiful as she is, her music hurts my brain, so it couldn't happen.  I DID however wear my trusty hoochy-mamma hoop earring, so that makes up for it I figure. There was also a small issue with the camera settings I was using, and I didn't realize it until after the shooting; you may notice I look slightly yellow in the video...  Let's just say it looks bronzed shall we?

Exciting news time!  My fabulous friends Erica and Steve Hay are coming today just for a one-night visit!!  They are just married, and I can't WAIT to see them as we weren't able to go to their wedding.  I wanna get irresponsible with them in Houston!  ALSO, Just Wax It and Kayo by Théa are teaming up to do a fabulous prom offer, so anyone with teenage daughters about to graduate, send 'em our way for a professional eyebrow and upper lip wax + a professional makeup application...  You'll thank us when there are no temper tantrums later.  

A minor case of Jaundice looks kinda nice doncha think?  A little like self tanner.

xo T

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jenny from the block

I love me some Jennifer Lopez.  She's probably a weirdo, but her makeup and legs are something to be reckoned with.  I love watching the first few episodes of American Idol (i.e. all the terrible singers and a few unexpected major talents), and I especially loved this season as I was able to stare at Jennifer Lopez's makeup.  It's always so impeccable, and she is this perfect lil' doll.  I'm in the process of making a video tutorial to get this look:

Seriously!!!  She's so damn hot!  Female crush...  It's on.  Because of her makeup greatness, I'll forgive her for wearing high heeled converse.  In time.

Stay tuned.

xo T

Monday, March 28, 2011

Travel bags, and sugar drinks

So I got so distracted in the California sunshine and business of trying to fit everything in, that I forgot to mention my travel makeup bag goodies  I try to travel light when it comes to hauling makeup, because I can’t deal with the thought of checking it, and not checking it means I have to carry it around with me, which means my klutziness has more of an opportunity to smash my favorite bronzer, or crumble my gorgeous blush I’ve been sporting...  So my motto has always been to bring stuff that will work in the day and can be altered to be fabulous in the evening as well. 

The first thing I require when packing my makeup bag are Ziploc freezer bags  I love these lil’ lifesavers.  They are strong, keep everything together and compact, and if there is a spill, it keeps it contained to the bag.  Not to mention they are cheep, and I can chuck them when there’s any type of makeup dust in it (I hate makeup dust/debrit).  I separate my brushes from the makeup (in case there’s a spill), and throw the rest in a large Ziploc.  Irritatingly I have to separate the stuff that’s over 100 ml, but that’s usually only one or two things (in this case my Jojoba Oil, which I never travel without)…  Here we have the products I must have when traveling!!!

The Makeup travel jewels 

  1. Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer
  2. Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder:  This is perfect for layering...  For night you can add an additional layer and it will turn into a full coverage foundation.  Love this stuff!
  3. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips blush:  Best blush for a little shimmer, and great staying power.  Perfect for the desert where a little glow is necessary!
  4. NARS Copacabana:  Can be used for cheekbone highlighting, eyes, lips, whatever.  Great stuff.
  5. Makeup Forever Concealer Palette no 2:  I have these palettes in my pro kit as well.  Fabulous coverage, excellent consistency, and endless colour combinations.
  6. Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx:  I love this pencil.  It's creamy, smudge-able, has fabulous staying power, and is perfect for the inner lash line!!
  7. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow pencil:  Awesome brow pencil.  It gores on like a pencil, but dries like a powder.
  8. Maybelline Falsies Mascara:  I go back and forth between this one and Covergirl Lash Blast.  Love it.
  9. MAC eyeshadows in Saddle and Ricepaper + a Matte Black eyeshadow.  The combo of these three shadows allow for optimal variations; from natural and fresh, to deep and smokey.  Perfect.
  10. Brushes:  Kabuki brush for the pressed powder application, a fluffy brush for bronzer and blush, an eyebrow angled brush to smudge eyebrow pencil, a blending brush for eyeshadow, angled brush for eyeliner smudging, and a short bristled brush for more smudging.
Sooooo, Saturday night I was back in Houston in time to go to a fabulous Gala to benefit Ovarian Cancer.  It was held at the Omni Hotel in the Galleria, and was super swanky and fun; not to mention helped to support a great cause.   

Leaving for the Gala..  Our masks are AWESOME
Husbo and I...  My mask was pushing on my false lashes I sported,
so obviously it ended up being some type of weird visor the rest of the night
These Ribbon things are hard to put on
It has to be said...  Dylan and I have some fabulous Arches happening here.
He officially has the best male brows I've ever seen
Oh wine induced PDA...
Post Gala, it was off to our new favourite bar:  Anvil!!  Old school mixology at its best!
 We had a few sweet sweet drinks (literally actually, the sugar + alcohol hangover
made me almost yak on the soccer field the next morning)
Off to do another Bridal Trial.  Man I love all this wedding good times that have exploded in Houston.

Sugar is for cereal and coffee, not alcoholic beverages.

xo T

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun pics, minimal writing

Today's hike was a potential an 127 hours situation...  Seriously.

Don't fall
Brother attempting to not fall
At the top...  No tan lines
Bro + his friend looking very hiker-ish
Oh and we revisited the Parker Palm Springs for an AMAZEBALLZ brunch...  The location where the Husbo and I tied the knot :)

Ze siblings
Ze mamma and I
Ze pops looking very disapproving...  Common
Aaaaaaaaaand, I received some super coolio photos from Alyse, the very talented photographer at the wedding I did a couple of weeks ago!

Look at those CHEEKS!!!  I have a cheek bone obsession
I'm hilarious
And concentrating
This picture makes me happy...  I LOVE MAKEUP!!!
I scorched my face today...  Grrrrr.  Back to Houston tomorrow for a busy week!  Houston loves their March and April weddings!

I don't think I could ever chop my arm off...  Or my hair for that matter.  2 things the 127 hours dude has on me.

xo T

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Théa-Fyed - Before and after 2

Okay, so work went fabulously, and now it's play time!  I adore Palm Springs for it's glitz, and layed-back glamour.  Not to mention the diamonds and boob jobs - those are awesome.  I'm a lucky lady as my parentals are down here living the retired life, so I've been treated to some fancy dinners, and good ol' family relaxing.  Turns out everyone in Canada is due for a vacation as my sister and brother flew down for a full on 2-day family good time (I actually like my family.  It's strange, yet lovely).

Let's get straight to the goods:  Théa-fyed Makeover.  I've received a few requests to do a makeover on "mature skin" - Like that would be the real challenge...   I'm not sure if this is because women over 50 assume they can't look as good as a 25 year old;  I disagree.  There is, however, a different technique to the application of makeup for mature skin.  The focal points are different, and there are certain products to avoid (for example, shimmer is bad...  It draws attention to creases).  I don't think laugh lines need to be hidden...  I in-fact love them, and think they show a life well lived...  Obviously I'm not gonna say that wrinkles are hunky-dorey, as I've recently seen the sprouting of a few of my own, and was none too pleased; however, aging gracefully is an art, and one that doesn't have to (and really should not IMHO) involve heavy duty surgery; I think face-lifts make everyone look like a cat - A scary cat.  Behold the Théa-fication of another beautiful woman...  My mum.  She has bravely allowed me to post a photo of her sans a stitch of makeup (it has been surprising how unwilling some people are to be photographed without makeup...  Hard for me as I want to start posting more of my makeovers), and depict the process of the application.  My darling mum happens to be turning 60 (don't worry she has given me permission to reveal her age - she's not gonna slaughter me later), and has not had an ounce of Botox or any of that jazz.  Wholly Santa Shiz she's a gorgeous specimen.

Before Théa-fication
After Théa-fication

On freshly moisturized skin, I added a light layer of
Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Foundation.  I wanted to leave it translucent to show off her gorgeous freckles,
yet still even out her skin tone.
I also used some Makeup forever concealer under her eyes.
I added some MAC Bronzer and
highlighted her cheekbones with NARS Copacabana
For the eyes, I smudged black eyeliner (Stila kajal eyeliner in onyx),
added some depth with MAC eyeshadow in Saddle,
and highlighted with MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper.
I finished off the look off with some black mascara (Covergirl Lash Blast)
I finish off the look with some rosey lipstick and that's it!!
Wow she's a gorgeous lady!!  Love her :)
Okay peeps, I'm off to bed...  I'm in for a doozie of a hike tomorrow...  A 9 miler in potentially snake ridden territory...  If I don't come back it's been nice knowing y'all!

Mature skin is beautiful.  Mature people can be annoying.

xo T

Monday, March 21, 2011

Say YES to Falsies!

Get ready for a tutorial to make your heart sing, and your eyes pop!  The Husbo and go on weekly date nights, and I always try to use these opportunities to get a lil’ dolled up…  For me, this means hair and makeup – mostly just makeup.  I can’t bring myself to dress up fancy.  I live in jeans, converse, and lately a delicious pair of military boots.  Pair these staples with a few drapey layers, or a hot leather jacket, and that’s how I roll (don’t make fun of me, but Lululemons, and Uggs are also a staple – I get hated on for this by many people, but they’re just so damn comfy).  Anyways, I filmed the date night makeup application (and Husbo did a MAN SNEEZE in the background, which I included because I thought I’d give you a taste of the nerve-shattering sneezes he throws out every day…  They don’t have to be that loud!!!  Pretend you’re in church or something and muffle it for eff sake).  We were going to a Escalante’s, which is an awesome Mexican place, that’s trendy and sexy, so I wanted to amp it up a bit.  Editing took a couple of days between soccer, the jewelry event, being high off Claritin, and getting ready for my trip to Palm Springs, but here she is!!  Behold (PS for some reason I can only upload videos via my youtube - I know this is a problem for my UAE followers and I'm sorry!!!  I'm trying to figure this out!!):

I also wanted to share the following photos of some of my favorite jewelry pieces Kym from Park Lane brought to the Just Wax It salon.  It was such a fun morning of playing dress up, and mingling with the ladies.  I’m going to purchase “Hootie” I think…  I like the idea of having an owl around my neck for some reason. 

"Hootie" Nacklace 
Close-up of Amazing Necklace

Fantabulous Ring
Next blog to come?  I’ve been requested by a few followers to show what I bring in terms of makeup/products when I travel.  I have my personal makeup that’s separate from my professional kit’s makeup, so I will show the staples that I always bring with me.  I always, always travel with my makeup as a carry on (unless there is a liquid too big to bring on (because clearly a MAC foundation is dangerous…  WTF that annoys me).  I look quite ridiculous faltering through the airport with my pro kit (two huge briefcases), my big carry on bag, and my big-ass purse, but it has to be done.  Security hates me – so do people in the Starbucks line who I routinely slam with a bag “by accident”… give me room people!!  The line is still there, you don’t need to eat my air.

Get some false lashes, and any other “falsies” you may desire.  I won’t judge.

Xo T


Claritin makes me high

Yesterday I accidentally got high.  I had two soccer games to play, and the Houston allergin A-holes are KILLING ME!!  When I woke up my Husbo said I looked like Quasimodo because my eyes were so swollen; so I downed a Claritin and got ready to head out...  well 30 minutes later I was so incredibly high that it may as well have been 1999 at the park behind my high school at 4:20...  NOT NORMAL!!  How can they sell this shiz???  It looked like there was 7 balls flying past my head in the game, and my legs felt very jointless...  Anyways, surprise video people.  Get ready for a tutorial on false lashes and an awesome smokey eye...  I'm having issues with the upload - maybe because there is some sweet slow motion action - but I'll get there peeps!  I've been hearing a lot from clients that false lashes are way to scary to put on, or too much effort, but I wanted to show everyone that it really isn't that hard!!  There's just a trick to it that involves the right product (glue) and some timing issues...  Maybe after this video you will be one of those people that wears the false lashes everyday; you could change your name to Kiki (that's what my Husbo calls me when I wear them), and fan people with your luscious lids!

I also have a bunch of photos I wanna post from the fabulous jewelry event we had at Just Wax It on Saturday, I will be doing that tomorrow as I'm gathering the photos of some of my favourite pieces.

I'm off to the airport folks... Yay mixing work and play in California!!  I'm sorting the upload situation for the video so get ready.  And if you need a lil' kick to get through your day, why not pop a Claritin...  Apparently it's socially acceptable.

xo T

Friday, March 18, 2011

Théa-Fyed - Before and after

 Today I was inspired by the receptionist Cindy at Just Wax It who has done the same makeup since she was sixteen (she has adult children people...  Time for a Théa-fication!!!)  She is the sweetest woman, so full of life and love, and her makeup just didn't reflect that, so I sat her perky butt in my chair and got started!  It was so much fun, and so awesome to see the transformation.  Cindy has incredible blue eyes, and skin that makes me jealous, and I wanted to show her, and all you other pretty peeper-ed ladies out there, that the right products can really help to bring all this beauty out...  A common mistake amongst women is to skip out on contouring (i.e. the use of bronzer and highlighting) which can give you a one-dimensional look..  3D is the way to be!!  It can bring out your best features, and minimize any insecurities you may have...  Without further adieux let the transformation begin and show you how we went from Here:

Cindy Before Théa-fication
To Here:
Cindy After Théa-fication
First we took all of Cindy's makeup off, and started with a fresh face.  I will post pictures of all the products we used at the end of this blog, and just list them in the transformation photos:

After moisturizing, we added a base of MAC Face & Body Foundation
& Makeup Forever Concealer Cream Palette No 2 N12
I did a light dusting of MAC Studio Fix to set everything,
and give an extra layer of translucent coverage
Contouring time!  I added MAC Matte Bronzer,
MAC Blush in Peachykeen,
and some MAC Studio Finish Powder in Gold as a highlighter. 
For the eyes I blended MAC eyeshadow in Saddle in the crease and along the lower lash line,
I then blended MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper in the inner corner of the eyelids, and along the upper lash line.
I Lined the upper lash line with MAC eyeliner in Teddy, and blended the line with MAC eyeshadow in Brown Down.  I also brought some of this Brown Down into the crease to deepen the eyes.
I shaped the brows with MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown + an angled brush
Finish with 2 coats of L'Oréal's Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black. 
A close-up of the eye...  Natural and blended
Finish off the look with a swipe of lip gloss.  I used NARS Turkish Delight as Cindy already has a lovely natural lip colour shade.
Another angle...  So gorgeous!!!
This was so much fun, and always so rewarding for me to show women how truly beautiful they are!  And for you product junkies, this is what I used in pictures:

From Left:  MAC Studio Fix in NC30,
MAC Face and Body Foundation in N2,
MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF15
Blush I used is Row 1, Column 3
All MAC shadows:  Saddle in 2nd row, 4th from left
Ricepaper is top left corner
Brown Down is 2nd row, 2nd from last
From Left:  MAC Bronzer,
MAC Studio Finish Highlighting powder in Gold,
MAC Eyeliner in Teddy,
MUFE Cream Palette No 2
L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black
NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight
Happy Friday!  Perhaps try a lil' contouring and show your cheeks a lil' love.  Face cheeks Pervs.

xo T

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beardless ladies are better

You know when you see a Dog that has just done a trick well, and is sitting very proudly?  That is how I'm feeling right now as I sit in my new studio, typing this message...  I have the bustle of the Just Wax It Salon in the background, my studio is set up and is bursting with makeup, and my website is updated with the new location details posted...  Oh yeahhhhh.

Wanna know why else I'm proud??  I have a new makeup trick I've discovered...  One that my spring beauties may enjoy, as the weather gets warmer, and we try and shoulder winter dry skin, and fake a healthy spring glow...  It's also very quick!  This technique is best for those of us with super dry skin...  Makeup never looks good on dry skin - chunky, scaly, lebrosy-looking is never okay.  This technique can help with this issue.  I will call this the Double Moisture Technique.  Let's begin.

My skin has been the most Leprosy looking around my chin and mouth...  I've tried putting my trusty Jojoba Oil on it, but as soon as I put makeup on overtop, the crusty flakiness takes over, which makes me really sowee.  I would rather not have a dry skin beard of makeup.  Not hot.  So yesterday, I experimented with some double moisturizing...  I slammed on some jojoba oil, waited a couple of minutes, and then put on my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer....  Exquisite even if I do say so myself...  I was worried it was a bit oily, but of course, the Jojoba Oil did it's fairy magic, and soaked into my skin, and the tinted moisturizer just floated on my skin, leaving a soft, glowy, perfected skin situation.  For safe measure, I put on a light dusting of my Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral powder, and followed with my usual concealer and bronzer, but it really was a delightful result to a successful experiment.  So if you have dry skin, consider the double moisture makeup technique.  I will stop the next dry skin bearded lady I see and fill her in on this lil' trick... If it's a hair-beard, I will send her to the Just Wax It ladies, and say "ew".

Beardless is better.  So is real butter.

xo T

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Save a life, rip some jeans

Brett saved my life before.  Literally.  It was in Hawaii, I got caught in a set of Humongo waves, and Brett dragged my rag-doll body out of the water before it got sucked out to sea...  I had a flash memory of this moment as we were driving Brett and Erinn to the airport today; I decided I would thank him for this heroic moment of his - He said I owed them our first born child - that he would just "scoop it up".  Erinn said she didn't want it:  It would be gangly, have a huge head, and probably anxiety prone.  Oh friends.  I love them both and miss them already...  Erinn and I had some super girly good times, and she pushed me to new limits in terms of the physical torture - yesterday she said "I think you have a mental block about running 10 km"....  Ummmm, I think it's a physical one?  But, she told me there's no reason why I couldn't, so we did it, and now my calves are in knots...  Have a safe flight!

This morning I attempted to get in my skinny jeans immediately post shower, so obviously I was doing an aggressive jean dance (you know the one my fellow skinny jean wearers) and ripped my favourite pair!!!  I'm very sowee, and I am turning this blog around to my readers today to ask:  Can you salvage a small rip-hole in the crotch area of a pair of dark denim jeans?  Or do I call it a day, move on, and use this as an excuse to go buy my favourite clothing item (mmmmm, jeans)?

I got a hectic couple of weeks ahead!  Very excited as tomorrow will be my first day in my new studio!  woop woop!  Off to California Monday, then back to Houston and have more awesome friends visiting, then off to New York in early April!!!  This career is proving to be a good lil' gig ;)

Don't plié into a pair of skinny jeans, just slide 'em on people.  Slide 'em on.

xo T

Monday, March 14, 2011

I love luscious eyelid hairs

I'm slave driving my guests....  Brett is at my studio setting up the most perfect lighting a makeup artist could dream of.  I can't wait for it to be ready!  Erinn is cleaning up after him; it's quite an ideal set-up really.  Alsooooooo, Erinn's video is ready!!  I did a bronze smokey eye, with some light lavender highlighting, and some serious eyelashes (Erinn has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen on anyone!).  We've also established a winner for the best VOLUMIZING mascara...  Cover Girl Lash Blast.  It's a bit of a chunky applicator brush, which takes some getting used to, but it really volumizes the lashes without clumping; so if you like a dramatic lash look, this is the mascara for you.   The mascara's we used as our test subjects can be seen here...  

A plethora of lashy goodness
Our top 3 picks are as follows:
  1. For Added length and definition:  Rimmel Lashmaxx Mascara.  The teeth on the comb are super close together, and the wetness of the mascara allows for great definition and added length.
  2. For added Volume:  Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara.  As I mentioned previously, this was the winner in terms of adding some dramatic volume to a gal's lashes.  It's buildable, and dramatic when you get to those second and third layers...  I wouldn't recommend letting the coats dry between applications, just 'til it's tacky, to prevent clumping.
  3. For a lil' of both:  L'Oréal Voluminous mascara...  It's like the mac'n cheese of mascara's...  The comfort food for your lashes.  Very easy to put on and can be layered with little hastle.
    • Want some major drama??  Use a volumizing mascara (like #2 or #3 mentioned above) for the first layer, then use Rimmel's Lash Flirt mascara for the second layer....  There's something about the brush and rich pigment of this mascara that makes your lashes super dramatic as a second (and 3rd!) coat to a volumizing mascara...  It's a trick I discovered, and one that I will be sticking with.  It's only for the lash whores out there though...  I'm a big one.

And now I present Erinn's video debut!  I changed my mind with what I wanted to do for the eye look half-way through the application, but that ends up working well for the purpose of showing my readers out there that you can easily switch it up without having to start over!  Behold:

Underpants go under you pants.

xo T

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wanna see what we can do?

Erinn and I played makeup on video today...  We had some timing issues, so I made her go to the grocery store with zero makeup on in order to save her blank canvas face for the video.  I'm not sure she'll forgive me.  I wouldn't have done it.

Here are some before and after photos...  Stay tuned for the video and an UPDATED list of Mascara reviews!  Wowaweewaa we have our work ahead of us.

Grocery store Erinn
Théa-Fyed Erinn

I love makeovers.  I don't love being hung over.

xo T

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Human biter that's not a vampire.. Guesses?

I got bit by a dog today.  On my shin.  WTF???  Erinn was with me, we were taking Dugg for a quick play between activities, and a freekin' dog decided my leg looked delicious.  Said dog bite:
Damn human biters
Look at those lil' teeth.
Hope it was delicious

A-hole.  Anyways, the wedding went amazing yesterday!  It was so much fun.  I love love love weddings.  They are always such happy times, and full of so much energy, and love!  I can't wait to see all the photos!  It was a lil' hectic getting everyone done, but PERFECT in the end!

Erinn and I had a girly day today and split from the boys who had the ultimate boy's day:  eating mass amounts of Texas BBQ, Going Trap Shooting, drinking beers and throwing darts at some ridiculous dart board (I've impaled someone before playing this stupid game), and then napping at home.  While Erinn and I had a FABULOUS girl's day!  It started out with a punishing stadium workout, followed by a rubber-legged sadistic run.  We ended up back at the house where our neighbour friends were having mimosas, and we promptly joined in on the fun.  We then got our AGGRESSIVE shop on, got some fab purchases, and are about to get ready for a fabuloso 5 course meal in a special table in the KITCHEN of Damian's Italian restaurant!!!

Get ready for a serious mascara review.  We did a late night Target trip and bought a few mascaras as we have to find a permanent replacement for the BELOVED MAYBELLINE LASH STYLIST!!  Why why why did they discontinue this amazeballz mascara?? You can still get it online, but it worries me to buy it as this delicious product was discontinued a couple of years ago, so how old are the mascara's I'm buying?  Anyways, the below mascaras will be given a full Kayo by Théa review, with the additional help of Erinn, who is basically a mascara guru as she is just as obsessed as me:

Oh the deliciousness...  A few not so good too

Waaiiit for it!!  It's coming it's coming!  There's a mascara for everybody!  Perhaps with this review, we shall attach some pics of Erinn's Thea-fyed makeup looks!  Video is in progress...

xo T

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day in Pictures

So today was GLORIOUS!!  Actually the first hour was slightly sadistic, as I tried to keep up with Erinn (squeeee!!! She's here for a whole week of playing!!!) on a run...   I had two coffees, and last night's mexican food in my belly (not good pre-workout situation); not to mention she is an insane jogger.  I'm pretty sure my lungs were bleeding.

We then moved on to MY kind of day...  The hair salon for some delicious hair cutting and dyeing...  Erinn's finally reached a hair tone and level that she can play within to perfectly complement her skin (no small feat):  Today we decided to deepen things up a bit.  Leigh (i.e. the hair guru) used a demi-gloss that deepened and warmed everything up, so Erinn could get a slightly richer colour, but have it fade out in time, so there isn't such a commitment.  Perf.  Obviously I'm on cloud nine getting to play dress up and beauty with her, and the best explanation of today's course of events can be described in photos:

Getting to play makeup pre-hair and post-sadistic run
Leigh trying to make her way through Erinn's horse mane
Erinn: Post hair, and a lil' Kayo by Théa touch
Get ready world...  So effing hot

I then used the services of Brett (Erinn's husbo, and my pseudo-brother) to take a look at what he could do to build up my studio...  Him and my Husbo took the afternoon to get on the lighting and building supplies purchases, and the studio should be ready Monday!!

I have a wedding to do tomorrow:  A bride, 3 bridesmaids and a Mother of the Bride...  I'm super stoked as it will be an evening wedding; very elegant and formal.

Just a quicky today as I'm out the door now for happy hour and more friend-visiting good times.  I will OBVIOUSLY be doing a video featuring Erinn and some hot makeup look (any requests?), so stay tuned peeps!

Don't run with Sadists.

xo T