Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Save a life, rip some jeans

Brett saved my life before.  Literally.  It was in Hawaii, I got caught in a set of Humongo waves, and Brett dragged my rag-doll body out of the water before it got sucked out to sea...  I had a flash memory of this moment as we were driving Brett and Erinn to the airport today; I decided I would thank him for this heroic moment of his - He said I owed them our first born child - that he would just "scoop it up".  Erinn said she didn't want it:  It would be gangly, have a huge head, and probably anxiety prone.  Oh friends.  I love them both and miss them already...  Erinn and I had some super girly good times, and she pushed me to new limits in terms of the physical torture - yesterday she said "I think you have a mental block about running 10 km"....  Ummmm, I think it's a physical one?  But, she told me there's no reason why I couldn't, so we did it, and now my calves are in knots...  Have a safe flight!

This morning I attempted to get in my skinny jeans immediately post shower, so obviously I was doing an aggressive jean dance (you know the one my fellow skinny jean wearers) and ripped my favourite pair!!!  I'm very sowee, and I am turning this blog around to my readers today to ask:  Can you salvage a small rip-hole in the crotch area of a pair of dark denim jeans?  Or do I call it a day, move on, and use this as an excuse to go buy my favourite clothing item (mmmmm, jeans)?

I got a hectic couple of weeks ahead!  Very excited as tomorrow will be my first day in my new studio!  woop woop!  Off to California Monday, then back to Houston and have more awesome friends visiting, then off to New York in early April!!!  This career is proving to be a good lil' gig ;)

Don't plié into a pair of skinny jeans, just slide 'em on people.  Slide 'em on.

xo T


  1. Yes you can salvage the jeans- they are called Crotchless Skinnies and they are all the rage amongst the trendy set.
    Very cool.

  2. jeggings.....

    or an asian seamstress