Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Théa-Fyed - Before and after 2

Okay, so work went fabulously, and now it's play time!  I adore Palm Springs for it's glitz, and layed-back glamour.  Not to mention the diamonds and boob jobs - those are awesome.  I'm a lucky lady as my parentals are down here living the retired life, so I've been treated to some fancy dinners, and good ol' family relaxing.  Turns out everyone in Canada is due for a vacation as my sister and brother flew down for a full on 2-day family good time (I actually like my family.  It's strange, yet lovely).

Let's get straight to the goods:  Théa-fyed Makeover.  I've received a few requests to do a makeover on "mature skin" - Like that would be the real challenge...   I'm not sure if this is because women over 50 assume they can't look as good as a 25 year old;  I disagree.  There is, however, a different technique to the application of makeup for mature skin.  The focal points are different, and there are certain products to avoid (for example, shimmer is bad...  It draws attention to creases).  I don't think laugh lines need to be hidden...  I in-fact love them, and think they show a life well lived...  Obviously I'm not gonna say that wrinkles are hunky-dorey, as I've recently seen the sprouting of a few of my own, and was none too pleased; however, aging gracefully is an art, and one that doesn't have to (and really should not IMHO) involve heavy duty surgery; I think face-lifts make everyone look like a cat - A scary cat.  Behold the Théa-fication of another beautiful woman...  My mum.  She has bravely allowed me to post a photo of her sans a stitch of makeup (it has been surprising how unwilling some people are to be photographed without makeup...  Hard for me as I want to start posting more of my makeovers), and depict the process of the application.  My darling mum happens to be turning 60 (don't worry she has given me permission to reveal her age - she's not gonna slaughter me later), and has not had an ounce of Botox or any of that jazz.  Wholly Santa Shiz she's a gorgeous specimen.

Before Théa-fication
After Théa-fication

On freshly moisturized skin, I added a light layer of
Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral Foundation.  I wanted to leave it translucent to show off her gorgeous freckles,
yet still even out her skin tone.
I also used some Makeup forever concealer under her eyes.
I added some MAC Bronzer and
highlighted her cheekbones with NARS Copacabana
For the eyes, I smudged black eyeliner (Stila kajal eyeliner in onyx),
added some depth with MAC eyeshadow in Saddle,
and highlighted with MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper.
I finished off the look off with some black mascara (Covergirl Lash Blast)
I finish off the look with some rosey lipstick and that's it!!
Wow she's a gorgeous lady!!  Love her :)
Okay peeps, I'm off to bed...  I'm in for a doozie of a hike tomorrow...  A 9 miler in potentially snake ridden territory...  If I don't come back it's been nice knowing y'all!

Mature skin is beautiful.  Mature people can be annoying.

xo T


  1. Amazing! She is beautiful.

    I have an unrelated question for you - how do you clean your makeup brushes, and how often?

  2. For my kit brushes, they get washed after every use... I use a disinfecting brush shampoo... You can get it at Sephora. For my personal brushes, I use a disinfecting brush spray daily and wipe them on a clean paper towel or wet wipe, and wash them thoroughly weekly with eth brush shampoo to remove makeup buildup... Weekly for personal use as a general rule of thumb is fine!

  3. Your mum is gorgeous Théa! Have a great weekend :D