Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skunk sandwiches and perfect skin

Do you think all of Hollywood stinks of self-tanner?  You know the smell - Slightly skunky food - Like a bologna sandwich with a spray of skunk juice.  I've thought about this a lot!  Probably too much to consider normal, but I mean, they all do the kiss-kiss, and hugging thing, and you know they don't wash their hair ever day because that shiz is styled and dry-shampooed to the nines; so I think the Hollywood "it" people must be a stinky bunch...  Beautiful and perfect looking, but smelly.  Just a lil' skunk food for thought.

So a video is due.  This video will be about the proper way to fill in eyebrows, and a lil' bonus on spot acne coverage.  It's in the works, so get ready:  Hold your breathe and pace.

In the meantime, I will talk about a discovery I've made a lil' while ago and that definitely needs to be shared.  It's a lil magic wand for the skin called Glycolic Acid.  I've officially added it to my skincare routine, which includes years of research (i.e. trial and error and wasted funds), as well as some of the advice from acne.org.  I have talked previously about my skin issues, and how I came to solve the adult acne situation...  But that doesn't mean that everything is just hunky-dory and I have the poreless skin of a 3 year old child.  My skin is like an ever evolving situation, circumstance, and project.  for the last few years I seem to have found a routine that keeps everything within a boundary of normalcy, but I have had to work for it.

** SIDEBAR**  I have secret hate for people that never wash their face and have perfect skin no matter what they do/or don't do (not so secret hate now i guess) - while they pass out in bed after a sweaty night of too many boozy drinks, face full of makeup, I'm clumsily washing my face, and flooding the bathroom sink with motorskill-impaired splashing....

And so, I thought it may be useful to those readers out there that have an interest in the quest for perfect skin to take a peek at my ACTUAL skin care routine...  It blows my husbo's mind that I spend so much time at night washing, creaming, patting, picking, inspecting, and face-making in the mirror, but c'est la vie for a beauty obsessor, and perfection seeker.

Here she is - the Théa-fyed face and skin care dance:

This is where the Glycolic Acid comes into play...  It's my face wash of choice 3 nights/week.  Why 3 nights only?  Because otherwise my face gets too dry as I'm using Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) every night as well - but these 3 nightly uses have made a HUGE difference in the texture, look and feel of my skin.  For the other 4 nights of the week I use Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap (it's gentle, cheap, and does the trick!).  As of the last 5 days, I've been using a glycolic acid face wash with a potency of 20% by IMAGE Skincare, but any Glycolic Acid face wash brand with a potency of 10% - 20% would be a-ok.  You can find them at most high-end spas, or salons that offer facials...  You can also order direct from several lines.  Make sure you don't buy anything under 10% Glycolic Acid (waste of $$) or over 30% (could be a lil' harsh for the average at-home user), and ALWAYS wear an SPF 15+ when actively using AHA (Glycolic Acid) products.

After cleansing ze face (I close my eyes tight and use the Johnson & Johnson baby bar to take my eye makeup off...  I'm not a huge fan of "eyemakeup removers" per say:  They're usually oily, sting my eyes, and don't take everything off anyways), I pat my skin dry with a clean towel, and apply a thickish layer of Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) a la Daniel Kern.  If I have any dry patched beginning/existing (I sometimes get them around my chin area), I will pat on some Jojoba Oil to that area after giving the Benzoyl Peroxide about 5 minutes to dry.  I then pat on some Jojoba oil under my eyes, and on my eye lids, and smooth a THICK layer of the delectable stuff on my lips.

In the morning, I wash my face with warm water, and pat it dry with a clean towel.  I use my beloved moisturizer, and pat a little Jojoba Oil under my eyes as an eye cream.  My daily makeup has an SPF in it, so I don't usually wear a separate sunscreen unless I know I'll be outside a lot; or if I'm switching up my foundation that day to one that doesn't have an SPF, I'll apply an oil free SPF mixed in with a couple of drops of Jojoba Oil in place of my Moisturizer.

There she is people.  The Théa-fyed skin routine.  An extra tip:  Use the Glycolic Acid Face wash on your chest and/or back if you happen to get any breakouts there...  aaaannnnd don't use any other moisturizer but Jojoba Oil on any places where breakouts/skin issues can occur.

Happy skin perfecting!!!

xo T

PS.  Are these celebs reading my blog?

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