Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bronzed and slightly Jaundicey... In a good way

The bronzed/neutral J-Lo inspired video is ready.  I decided to turn it into a more natural/wearable version of her rendition, as I think it's a perfect day look, especially coming into Spring.  I tried to put the video to one of J-Lo's songs, but as beautiful as she is, her music hurts my brain, so it couldn't happen.  I DID however wear my trusty hoochy-mamma hoop earring, so that makes up for it I figure. There was also a small issue with the camera settings I was using, and I didn't realize it until after the shooting; you may notice I look slightly yellow in the video...  Let's just say it looks bronzed shall we?

Exciting news time!  My fabulous friends Erica and Steve Hay are coming today just for a one-night visit!!  They are just married, and I can't WAIT to see them as we weren't able to go to their wedding.  I wanna get irresponsible with them in Houston!  ALSO, Just Wax It and Kayo by Théa are teaming up to do a fabulous prom offer, so anyone with teenage daughters about to graduate, send 'em our way for a professional eyebrow and upper lip wax + a professional makeup application...  You'll thank us when there are no temper tantrums later.  

A minor case of Jaundice looks kinda nice doncha think?  A little like self tanner.

xo T

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  1. I noticed J-Lo wearing extremely bright blue/green eyeshadow on last week's American Idol. Personally I loved it (child of the 70's) but thought that those colours were kinda passe? Tell me I can wear them again please!!!