Monday, March 28, 2011

Travel bags, and sugar drinks

So I got so distracted in the California sunshine and business of trying to fit everything in, that I forgot to mention my travel makeup bag goodies  I try to travel light when it comes to hauling makeup, because I can’t deal with the thought of checking it, and not checking it means I have to carry it around with me, which means my klutziness has more of an opportunity to smash my favorite bronzer, or crumble my gorgeous blush I’ve been sporting...  So my motto has always been to bring stuff that will work in the day and can be altered to be fabulous in the evening as well. 

The first thing I require when packing my makeup bag are Ziploc freezer bags  I love these lil’ lifesavers.  They are strong, keep everything together and compact, and if there is a spill, it keeps it contained to the bag.  Not to mention they are cheep, and I can chuck them when there’s any type of makeup dust in it (I hate makeup dust/debrit).  I separate my brushes from the makeup (in case there’s a spill), and throw the rest in a large Ziploc.  Irritatingly I have to separate the stuff that’s over 100 ml, but that’s usually only one or two things (in this case my Jojoba Oil, which I never travel without)…  Here we have the products I must have when traveling!!!

The Makeup travel jewels 

  1. Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer
  2. Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder:  This is perfect for layering...  For night you can add an additional layer and it will turn into a full coverage foundation.  Love this stuff!
  3. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips blush:  Best blush for a little shimmer, and great staying power.  Perfect for the desert where a little glow is necessary!
  4. NARS Copacabana:  Can be used for cheekbone highlighting, eyes, lips, whatever.  Great stuff.
  5. Makeup Forever Concealer Palette no 2:  I have these palettes in my pro kit as well.  Fabulous coverage, excellent consistency, and endless colour combinations.
  6. Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx:  I love this pencil.  It's creamy, smudge-able, has fabulous staying power, and is perfect for the inner lash line!!
  7. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow pencil:  Awesome brow pencil.  It gores on like a pencil, but dries like a powder.
  8. Maybelline Falsies Mascara:  I go back and forth between this one and Covergirl Lash Blast.  Love it.
  9. MAC eyeshadows in Saddle and Ricepaper + a Matte Black eyeshadow.  The combo of these three shadows allow for optimal variations; from natural and fresh, to deep and smokey.  Perfect.
  10. Brushes:  Kabuki brush for the pressed powder application, a fluffy brush for bronzer and blush, an eyebrow angled brush to smudge eyebrow pencil, a blending brush for eyeshadow, angled brush for eyeliner smudging, and a short bristled brush for more smudging.
Sooooo, Saturday night I was back in Houston in time to go to a fabulous Gala to benefit Ovarian Cancer.  It was held at the Omni Hotel in the Galleria, and was super swanky and fun; not to mention helped to support a great cause.   

Leaving for the Gala..  Our masks are AWESOME
Husbo and I...  My mask was pushing on my false lashes I sported,
so obviously it ended up being some type of weird visor the rest of the night
These Ribbon things are hard to put on
It has to be said...  Dylan and I have some fabulous Arches happening here.
He officially has the best male brows I've ever seen
Oh wine induced PDA...
Post Gala, it was off to our new favourite bar:  Anvil!!  Old school mixology at its best!
 We had a few sweet sweet drinks (literally actually, the sugar + alcohol hangover
made me almost yak on the soccer field the next morning)
Off to do another Bridal Trial.  Man I love all this wedding good times that have exploded in Houston.

Sugar is for cereal and coffee, not alcoholic beverages.

xo T

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