Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun pics, minimal writing

Today's hike was a potential an 127 hours situation...  Seriously.

Don't fall
Brother attempting to not fall
At the top...  No tan lines
Bro + his friend looking very hiker-ish
Oh and we revisited the Parker Palm Springs for an AMAZEBALLZ brunch...  The location where the Husbo and I tied the knot :)

Ze siblings
Ze mamma and I
Ze pops looking very disapproving...  Common
Aaaaaaaaaand, I received some super coolio photos from Alyse, the very talented photographer at the wedding I did a couple of weeks ago!

Look at those CHEEKS!!!  I have a cheek bone obsession
I'm hilarious
And concentrating
This picture makes me happy...  I LOVE MAKEUP!!!
I scorched my face today...  Grrrrr.  Back to Houston tomorrow for a busy week!  Houston loves their March and April weddings!

I don't think I could ever chop my arm off...  Or my hair for that matter.  2 things the 127 hours dude has on me.

xo T

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