Monday, March 21, 2011

Say YES to Falsies!

Get ready for a tutorial to make your heart sing, and your eyes pop!  The Husbo and go on weekly date nights, and I always try to use these opportunities to get a lil’ dolled up…  For me, this means hair and makeup – mostly just makeup.  I can’t bring myself to dress up fancy.  I live in jeans, converse, and lately a delicious pair of military boots.  Pair these staples with a few drapey layers, or a hot leather jacket, and that’s how I roll (don’t make fun of me, but Lululemons, and Uggs are also a staple – I get hated on for this by many people, but they’re just so damn comfy).  Anyways, I filmed the date night makeup application (and Husbo did a MAN SNEEZE in the background, which I included because I thought I’d give you a taste of the nerve-shattering sneezes he throws out every day…  They don’t have to be that loud!!!  Pretend you’re in church or something and muffle it for eff sake).  We were going to a Escalante’s, which is an awesome Mexican place, that’s trendy and sexy, so I wanted to amp it up a bit.  Editing took a couple of days between soccer, the jewelry event, being high off Claritin, and getting ready for my trip to Palm Springs, but here she is!!  Behold (PS for some reason I can only upload videos via my youtube - I know this is a problem for my UAE followers and I'm sorry!!!  I'm trying to figure this out!!):

I also wanted to share the following photos of some of my favorite jewelry pieces Kym from Park Lane brought to the Just Wax It salon.  It was such a fun morning of playing dress up, and mingling with the ladies.  I’m going to purchase “Hootie” I think…  I like the idea of having an owl around my neck for some reason. 

"Hootie" Nacklace 
Close-up of Amazing Necklace

Fantabulous Ring
Next blog to come?  I’ve been requested by a few followers to show what I bring in terms of makeup/products when I travel.  I have my personal makeup that’s separate from my professional kit’s makeup, so I will show the staples that I always bring with me.  I always, always travel with my makeup as a carry on (unless there is a liquid too big to bring on (because clearly a MAC foundation is dangerous…  WTF that annoys me).  I look quite ridiculous faltering through the airport with my pro kit (two huge briefcases), my big carry on bag, and my big-ass purse, but it has to be done.  Security hates me – so do people in the Starbucks line who I routinely slam with a bag “by accident”… give me room people!!  The line is still there, you don’t need to eat my air.

Get some false lashes, and any other “falsies” you may desire.  I won’t judge.

Xo T


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