Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beardless ladies are better

You know when you see a Dog that has just done a trick well, and is sitting very proudly?  That is how I'm feeling right now as I sit in my new studio, typing this message...  I have the bustle of the Just Wax It Salon in the background, my studio is set up and is bursting with makeup, and my website is updated with the new location details posted...  Oh yeahhhhh.

Wanna know why else I'm proud??  I have a new makeup trick I've discovered...  One that my spring beauties may enjoy, as the weather gets warmer, and we try and shoulder winter dry skin, and fake a healthy spring glow...  It's also very quick!  This technique is best for those of us with super dry skin...  Makeup never looks good on dry skin - chunky, scaly, lebrosy-looking is never okay.  This technique can help with this issue.  I will call this the Double Moisture Technique.  Let's begin.

My skin has been the most Leprosy looking around my chin and mouth...  I've tried putting my trusty Jojoba Oil on it, but as soon as I put makeup on overtop, the crusty flakiness takes over, which makes me really sowee.  I would rather not have a dry skin beard of makeup.  Not hot.  So yesterday, I experimented with some double moisturizing...  I slammed on some jojoba oil, waited a couple of minutes, and then put on my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer....  Exquisite even if I do say so myself...  I was worried it was a bit oily, but of course, the Jojoba Oil did it's fairy magic, and soaked into my skin, and the tinted moisturizer just floated on my skin, leaving a soft, glowy, perfected skin situation.  For safe measure, I put on a light dusting of my Laura Mercier Pressed Mineral powder, and followed with my usual concealer and bronzer, but it really was a delightful result to a successful experiment.  So if you have dry skin, consider the double moisture makeup technique.  I will stop the next dry skin bearded lady I see and fill her in on this lil' trick... If it's a hair-beard, I will send her to the Just Wax It ladies, and say "ew".

Beardless is better.  So is real butter.

xo T

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