Monday, March 21, 2011

Claritin makes me high

Yesterday I accidentally got high.  I had two soccer games to play, and the Houston allergin A-holes are KILLING ME!!  When I woke up my Husbo said I looked like Quasimodo because my eyes were so swollen; so I downed a Claritin and got ready to head out...  well 30 minutes later I was so incredibly high that it may as well have been 1999 at the park behind my high school at 4:20...  NOT NORMAL!!  How can they sell this shiz???  It looked like there was 7 balls flying past my head in the game, and my legs felt very jointless...  Anyways, surprise video people.  Get ready for a tutorial on false lashes and an awesome smokey eye...  I'm having issues with the upload - maybe because there is some sweet slow motion action - but I'll get there peeps!  I've been hearing a lot from clients that false lashes are way to scary to put on, or too much effort, but I wanted to show everyone that it really isn't that hard!!  There's just a trick to it that involves the right product (glue) and some timing issues...  Maybe after this video you will be one of those people that wears the false lashes everyday; you could change your name to Kiki (that's what my Husbo calls me when I wear them), and fan people with your luscious lids!

I also have a bunch of photos I wanna post from the fabulous jewelry event we had at Just Wax It on Saturday, I will be doing that tomorrow as I'm gathering the photos of some of my favourite pieces.

I'm off to the airport folks... Yay mixing work and play in California!!  I'm sorting the upload situation for the video so get ready.  And if you need a lil' kick to get through your day, why not pop a Claritin...  Apparently it's socially acceptable.

xo T

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