Friday, April 29, 2011

Nice head hair!

Now that this wretched death sickness appears to be easing up, I've managed to edit a video I filmed a while ago...  It's all about beachy, imperfect curls!  Super sexy, and a great look for going out, weekend fun, or any other time you wanna look mega cute!

You can also watch the video on my youtube channel here.  Editing the video made me feel better about myself, as at the moment I'm looking like a haggard zombie.  Stomach bugs need to piss off.

Sorry for the less than stellar posting this weeks peeps!  It just means I will have a lot to say over the next few days :)

xo T

Monday, April 25, 2011

Picasso tools

As the creator of "Paint Me Perfect", I suppose I should inform everyone on the brushes that I cannot live without!  There are a few, and they can truly turn everyone into a much more talented makeup artist.  Let's start with the foundation:  Depending on what type you use (liquid, mineral, powder...), there are a couple of options for best brushes.  For liquid, Makeup Forever's N55 brush is a necessity for any woman who wants even, flawless coverage, and an airbrushed effect.  For those mineral foundation ladies, a kabuki brush, specifically Sephora's kabuki brush is life changing.  Bare Escentuals handy buki is awesome as well.  For concealer, I always use my finger, as I think the warmth of my hand helps the product spread more easily so there's less pulling on the skin.  For bronzer and blush, it's really a personal choice; but I use a separate brush for each as they are both doing different things and should be applied differently...  You risk looking clownish if there's any blush residue on the brush when you're attempting to put on bronzer ya know??  I use triangle sponges to apply powder under my eyes to set the concealer, and a fluffy powder brush for light dustings of powder on my face (TRICK:  Apply powder only where you tend to get shiny - The tee zone usually - as it will keep you from looking too one-dimensional, and flat).

Onto the eyes.  There's this one fluffy shadow brush I have, that Dugg has chewed the end off of, and I've had for years, but I'm absolutely obsessed with it for shadow application in the crease.  I can't see who makes it as it's been chewed and worn off, but Sephora has a brush similar to it.  Essential for the eyes as well, is a short bristled brush to blend shadow along the lower lash line, or blend an eyeliner.  An eyeliner brush (for liquid/gel liner applications), and an angled brow brush will finish off the collection of necessity makeup brushes and you are ready to apply like a pro!  Now don't get me wrong...  I have about a million more brushes than these listed here, but these are the must haves :)

Go Picasso your face!

xo T

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day time smokey eye tutorial!!

Heyoooo!!  So it took a while to get this done today, but between domestics due to the Canucks losing TERRIBLY, I've managed to post this delicious video.  It's perfect for day time when you want to look a little extra spicey! 

Click here to view this video on you tube, or here on my you tube channel.  FYI, I forgot to mention what lipstick I used:  It's MAC's Angel lipstick, and it's amazeballz for everyone.

Roll on the ground and snort with happiness (a la Dugg)!!

Happy Easter long weekend!!!!

xo T

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jessica Simpson's best assets + Nose hair waxing??

Have y'all read People magazine's 50 most beautiful people?  Jennifer Lopez is on the cover looking so ridiculously gorgeous, it's not normal.  I have such a female crush on her...  I used to have a female crush on Jessica Simpson, mainly because she seemed to lack shame, which I can relate to.  That crush has since crashed; however, She is lookin' pretty hot in the People's most beautifull magazine... Especially her makeup.

Today I'm going to give Mendy, the owner of Just Wax It, a makeover featuring a dramatic smokey eye inspired by Jessica Simpson's People shoot.  She's always wanted to learn how to do a smokey eye, and has recently bought a delicious amount of makeup, so I'm teaching her how to use some of her new treats to create a dramatic and sexy look!

We're starting with a fresh face, and "building" the look.  A successful smokey look is all about layering, and blending!
I started by drawing an imperfect line with a smudgy
black eyeliner
across her top lashes
I then filled in the shape of the smokey eye...  This is pre-blending, so don't worry!
It's all part of "building" up the smokey eye.  I blended the black eyeliner
with an angled brush
along her lash line, and from the crease of her lid down,
 I shaded in a dark purpley-grey shadow.  I concentrated the shadow at the
 outter 2/3 of her eyelid
, and blended it in to the inner corner,
forming a semi circle of the shape of her eyelid + brow bone
I took the same purpley-grey shadow and blended in along the lower lash line.
I then took a shimmery champagne colour along the brow bone, and at the top of
 the "semi circle" we created, to blend out any solid lines.  I also brought the champagne
colour into the inner corner of her eyes to soften everything up.
I lined the inner rim of the top and bottom lash line with black waterproof eyeliner,
Filled in her brows with an eyebrow pencil, and added mascara
Under eye concealer, bronzer, highlighter and lip gloss, and the look is complete!
 I love being able to transform people's faces, and teach them new makeup looks...  I think we all get in makeup ruts, and end up wearing the same thing, or going to the same look day after day...  It gets boring people!  The beauty of makeup is that EVERYONE can achieve most looks, as long as it's done in a way that's polished and not tragic.  Speaking of tragic, let's talk about the awesome experience I had today concerning nose hairs.  As my readers may remember, my former self, Peaches the Hairless cat, has had a strong influence over my present day loathing of all body hair (except on the head, lashes, and eyebrows).  Therefore, today when one of the girls that works in the salon said "oh man I need to wax my nose hairs", my ears REALLY perked up!  I didn't even know this was possible!!!  Don't pretend like you haven't plucked a stray nose hair or two in your time...  It's a necessary evil for us well kept women, but waxing????  I'm in!  So, shameless as I am, I took a couple of snap shots of the procedure to shaw y'all how EFFING FABULOUS this procedure is!!  It takes 20 seconds, does NOT hurt nearly as much as you would think, and results are PERFECTION.  I wanna show everyone the inside of my nose.  Like I'm seriously proud of it, deviated septum and all!  Behold:

They apply the wax to the inner part of your nose with a wooden stick,
wait for 20 seconds or so while the wax dries a bit and then.....

YANK!!!  Look at that stick!!  So gross, but I inspected it in amazement for like 7 minutes.
You MUST get this done.  It may change your life.
I'm gonna start holding my nose in the air - That's right, I may just become a snob. 

xo T

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cookies and Milk edition 3

It's been a while since I've done a food bloggeroooooo, and this evening provided the perfect opportunity.  I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for managing to make these delights:

Oh. My. Sweetness. 
Seriously these Cinnamon Rolls were amazeballz, and I couldn't help myself and had two and now I have a well deserved food baby kickin' around in there.  The husbo is in worse condition...  He went for three after an obscene amount of pasta and now he can't cheer/react fast or loud enough while watching the Canuck's play game three of the playoffs.  It's funny - reminds me of a turtle that's stuck on it's back... But the Husbo doesn't have a shell holding him down; just piggyness.

Gooey deliciousness
The Cinnamon Roll Recipe that I searched out on the internet is below.  I've scratched out the stuff I didn't do to make the sweet delights slightly less fatty, and they still turned out extremely decadent!!
Dough Ingredients:
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 3 Tbls. ground cinnamon
  • (2) .25 oz. pks. active dry yeast (I use 2 TB instant yeast)
  • 1 tsp. granulated sugar
  • 1 cup 110 degree water (approximately)
  • 1 cup warm milk
  • 2/3 cups granulated sugar
  • 2/3 cup melted butter OR margarine
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 2 eggs – slightly beaten
  • Up to 8 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup melted butter OR margarine
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped walnuts or pecans – optional
  • 1/2 cup melted butter OR margarine
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • Mix together 1 1/2 cups sugar and the cinnamon; set aside (this will be used later to spread on dough)
  • In a small bowl, dissolve yeast and 1 tsp. sugar in warm water; set aside (if using instant yeast, you can skip this step)
  • In a large bowl, mix together milk, 2/3 cup sugar, 2/3 cup melted butter, salt, and eggs; add yeast mixture and 4 cups of flour to mixture; beat until smooth; stir in enough flour to form a slightly stiff dough.  (I used about 6 Cups in total)
  • Turn dough out onto a well-floured surface and knead for 8 minutes. 
  • Place dough into a large greased bowl, cover, and allow to rise in a warm place until doubled in size, about 1 – 1 1/2 hours. 
  • Punch down dough and let rest for 5 minutes.
  • Roll dough out onto a floured surface into a 15″ X 20″ rectangle.
  • Brush 1/2 cup melted butter over dough; sprinkle cinnamon sugar evenly over dough; sprinkle nuts evenly over dough, if desired.
  • Tightly roll up dough and pinch edges together to seal; cut the roll into 12 – 15 slices using dental floss or thread.  (I used a serrated knife)
  • Coat the bottom of a 13″ X 9″ X 2″ baking pan with 1/2 cup melted butter; sprinkle 1/3 cup sugar evenly in the bottom of the pan. (I just greased the pan to be a little less piggy than this suggestion)
  • Place cinnamon roll slices close together in the prepared pan; cover pan and allow to rise in a warm place for about 45 minutes or just eye ball them.
  • Bake rolls in a 350 degree oven for 25 – 30 minutes, or until golden brown

Cinnabon like Frosting

  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 8 ounces margarine
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp lemon
  • 16 oz. powdered sugar
Beat together, margarine, sugar, and vanilla. Spread frosting on warm rolls and eat until you have a food baby.

In other news, this morning was an early one as I had a bride and her entourage coming over to get beautified for her Bridal shoot.  It was so much fun!  I'm always so inspired with each bride I work with.  Camden (today's beauty bride) brought over some clip in hair extensions that matched her hair perfectly, and when I curled and strategically pinned them, looked FABULOUS!!!  She has these super intense blue/green eyes, and perfect cheeks, and I can't wait to get some photos of the shoot to share with you!!  Her close friend who came over today, happens to be her photographer as well, and is actually moving to Houston in August, so she's another perfect talent for me to play/work with!  Oh man I love love, weddings, makeup, and cinnamon rolls.

A tip: Don't grunt aggressively at the gym when lifting heavy weights.  It's unattractive and annoying.  Just sayin'.

xo T


Friday, April 15, 2011

Bo Derek could learn from me...

So the video for a side braid, both fish-tail style and normal french braid style, is complete!  I had to film it twice, so there are various outfits throughout the clips:  I was having pre-menopausal sweats, and then getting freezing...  Not normal.  Dugg also decided to grace us with his presence in this video.  I'm going to post the video here, as well as on my youtube channel.  The youtube version tends to be slightly better quality, so go there if you wanna!

It's kinda hard to explain doing hair, so I hope this is as clear as mud ;)

Tonight I'm going to attempt to make homemade tempura, and various types of sushi for a stay at home date night...  Hockey playoffs....  We won't be leaving the house for weeks now.  The Husbo doesn't find it funny when I pause the TV, or try to talk to him about "important things" or dance in front of the TV, or ask why he loves me when the game's on.  All of a sudden he's lost his sense of humour...  Sigh...

Go CANUCKS!!!!!!!!

xo T

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get off my face!

So, I've had a few requests now from people asking about how I remove my makeup?  The particular question I get is "what's your favourite eye makeup remover".  To which I answer, "none of them".  Seriously, eye makeup remover, in my humble opinion, is a waste of money, leads to wrinkles from all the rubbing you have to do, and stings the eyes.  I have quite sensitive eyes as well, so I end up getting Quasimodo-lid-swelling from these concoctions - Not hot.  What I have always used is plain old soap on my eyes...  The best is Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap, as it's made for sensitive baby skin, but it's hard to find, so Aveeno baby bar soap works well too...  Anything that's a bar soap, and that says "baby" on it will work fine.  It removes every speck of eye makeup (and we know I like to pile it on), and because it's soap, you don't have to rub, so much as gently press and smooth the soap over TIGHTLY closed eyes...  Once I rinse the soap off thoroughly, I follow with my regular skincare routine and my skin is ready to sleep.

I've also had a few requests on how I do the side braid shown below:

Side braid action
This braid is a life saver for those of us growing out bangs, or if you're having a greasy hair day, or if you just want to add some prettiness to your hair style.  It can be done it many different ways, and its overall effect makes you look really talented, even if you aren't:  Know how to do a french braid?  Then you can do this!  I'm even going to show you how to do a fishtail braid for a different spin on this look.  Love it.  The video tutorial for some braiding action is on its way peeps.  It's like I'm a Brownie's Troop leader.  God I hated Brownie's.  I actually peed myself in my Brownie's outfit.  I remember it very clearly:  I was in grade 2, with a creepy teacher who had flutes in his back pocket at all times, and after having my lil' accident I had to sneakily remove my underpants, and I was nervous all day because I was wearing my ugly brown Brownie's dress, and pulling a Paris Hilton (i.e. dress + 0 Panties = Disaster).  It was about then that I started hating the wooden rocking horse we had it the classroom...

Wear underpants.  Or Adult diapers.

xo T

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not-so-ghetto fabulous; just fabulous

The coloured eyeshadow video tutorial is complete!  I chose blue, mainly because I think it's the hardest colour to pull off without looking 80's trashy.  I'm a believer in certain 80's throwbacks (I'm a child of the 80's after all), such as florescent tank tops, nail polish, and shoe laces; side pony tails, and raybans...  But that's it.  Acid wash is not something I encourage.  Ever.  In this video, I've demonstrated a technique that I'm calling "The Rule of Thirds".  It's an eye makeup application technique that is pretty much goof-proof, and will ensure anyone attempting bold eyeshadow colours with look chic and modern, not dated out and wonky.  Behold:

You can also watch the youtube video here...  It's slightly better quality.

The key to this look is to pick three shades of the colour effect you're going for:  
  • Eg. Dark purple, lavender, and light pink/lavender would look really pretty.  
  • Dark green (almost charcoal greenish), Steely green, and a light mint green would be dramatic and fabulous with black coal eyeliner and lots of mascara.  
Basically it's a technique to add to your repitoire of Théa-fyed looks...  Anyone who tries any of these techniques, send in a photo... you just may get a shout out tehe.

Quick ridiculous Théa and Dugg story:  Dugg and I like to have an early evening frisbee throwing/wrestling session in the fields of the university across the street from us.  Dugg thinks it's hilarious when I do Cartwheels, and even though I'm almost 29, I act like a 4 year old and dance with my dog, by myself, without shame, in a field in view of many people.  Well yesterday, we were doing our dancing, cartwheeling, wrestling, frisbee throwing good time, and there was an incident:  I was rolling on the ground (yes, I'm an adult, and I roll on the ground... perfectly acceptable in my world), and freeking rolled my HAIR OVER SOME DAMN DOG SH*T!!!!  I just feel like this is getting ridiculous.  Once I discovered the POOPY HAIR, I had to walk home like I had some weird back-kink situation, holding my head back so it wouldn't touch anything on me.  Just think about the initial washing of the hair...  There's no avoiding touching the poop.  Picture it.

I'm destined for dog poop.  

xo T

Monday, April 11, 2011

Good things come to those who wait

I know I know, it's been far too long since my last post, however, I was on honeymoon time, exploring, and eating my way through New York!!  So I'll make up for it...  I'm not sure how many of my readers live or visit New York, but I have a couple of recommendations - i.e. my top must do's while in the big NYC:

What you must consume:

  1. Eat French Onion Soup dumplings at Stanton Social
  2. Eat the Scalloped potatoes and chocolate mousse at Pastis
  3. Eat the Chilean Sea Bass at Tao
  4. Eat cheesecake at Eileen's cheesecake
  5. Eat Halal Street meat on any corner in Midtown
  6. Eat pizza and pasta at Le Pizza in Eataly
  7. Eat Garlic cheese fries at the Yankee stadium at Garlic fries

Where you must Wander:

  1. All throughout Soho, and Noho (up and down Broadway and Lafayette)
  2. Gramercy Park area is amazing and has a lot of energy/funky places to see
  3. Meat packing district is the place to spot celebrities being hipster cool
  4. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge
  5. Walk all around Central Park (We liked the Northern half... less touristy)
  6. Walk 5th Avenue in Midtown to see the huge Tiffany's store and Sak's.  Both made me drool.
  7. China town was amazing
  8. Walk around Eataly and any Dean & Deluca you find...  So much amazing, high quality food.  Loved it.
Ok, that's it for that.  I'm not a good tour guide, just like to give advice on things I know from experience...  And one such experience equals the new eyeliner I purchased in a HUGE Sephora somewhere in our explorations...  My loyal readers know that I am quite obsessed with Stila's Kajal Eyeliner in Black Onyx.  Well, I went to get me a few other Stila Kajal eyeliners in different colours, and discovered Stila Smudgesticks Waterproof eyeliner.  I was hesitant to change from something I know works so well, but as soon as she drew a line of this velvety goodness on my hand, and I saw the deep black pigment, I was sold.  To top it off, because it's waterproof, it is AMAZING at staying in place when used to line the inner rim of the eyes!!  I lined my inner rim with this stuff and it stayed all day while we walked all of New York...  The wind was making my eyes water, and I was sweating, then cold, then sweating, and it stayed on.  It's miraculous stuff.  I bought the black and brown - the brown has a slight shimmer to it and I love it.  I also want to share a couple of makeup looks I did for our various activities.  Behold:
Neutral makeup for Stanton house...  
Jeans, blazer, obnoxious heels
This is how I do my makeup in hotel rooms...  Always have.
I need to be close to the mirror
Tao Makeup - Smokey eyes and bubble gum pink lips.
Funky braids, awesome vintage necklace, military boots, leggings, dress.
Awesome new necklace
Doing my makeup in the upgraded room...  Oh yeah!!!
We got upgraded to a crazy suite on on the 50th floor that was like 1500 SF.
Decadence & Opulence...
Now I have ten million things to do, and have zero motivation to do it.  I have to visit the worst place on Earth (the DMV) to get my Texas Driver's license, and various other terrible errands.  SICK.

People pick up their dog poop in New York.  They also push you out of the way.  I was good with both.

xo T

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camel toe snatchers

Yay honeymoon time!!!
So I'm in the airport, waiting to board my delayed flight to New York, for my delayed honeymoon...  However; this is not a problemo given that the Husbo is an Elite member and gets to get us into the lounge.  Even though we just had lunch, I immediately went to check out the free grub; trashy but awesome.  And so we sit, and snack.  I've insisted that the Husbo and I be touching at all times for the duration of the honeymoon (I'm a spider monkey anyways, so it's not much different) when we are sitting, standing, and generally stationary (right now my leg is resting on his lap... It's actually kinda uncomfortable, but I'm sticking to my rule).  I want mega PDA, and irritating canoodling, nose kisses, and snuggling...  Yes we've been together 7 years, and yes, we were married over a year ago, but I am MILKING this honeymoon to the max.  By milking, I mean shamelessly telling everyone that I can potentially benefit from (i.e. hotel front desk, airline attendants, servers) that it's our honeymoon.  I don't have the whole "shame" gene anyways, and the Husbo has a ridiculous amount of it, so he's feeling nervous about what I'm going to say throughout the trip.  I often wonder why he married me, when I'm kinda embarrassing ( he's soooo easy to embarrass too tehe).  For example, 3 minutes ago, Husbo was on the phone with his boss (i.e. the CEO) and I happened to hear the last part of his sentence, "... and I'm trying to figure out how I can service these guys".  Obviously I couldn't resist and I said (in a man voice for some reason) "give 'em a blow job".  Husbo gave me the death glare, immediately turned florescent red and panicked to cover the mouth piece a lil' too late:  I got 3 giggles from people in close vicinity...  That was the highlight of our trip so far.  I'm still giggling, and Husbo has removed my leg from resting on his lap as punishment for 5.5 minutes.

In the Lounge... He thought I was squishing his IPad.  Geeeezzzz
I can't handle Teva's; especially the leather ones, like that makes them fancier or something??  They are the worst.  Why are there so many people who insist on wearing them?  Like I really need to know???  I've also assumed that it's general knowledge that Velcro shoes are never okay (unless you're Kanye West), but, touché - Never assume.  People watching is awesome, but gross:  Three nose pickers, several wedgey snatchers, and a couple of camel-toes later, I'm ready to be done with humanity.  Can't wait for the animals I see in the big NY!!!

Pick your wedgey from the back, not the front.  A word of advice.

xo T

P.S.  My leg is back on Husbo's lap.  I win.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Welcome to Whores"

Today is a day of preparations... Why?  Because the Husbo and I are FINALLY taking a honeymoon and going to NEW YORK tomorrow!!!!!  Wooohoooooo!  Yes, I realize I've been married for over a year, but, well, when we were living in Dubai, and getting married in California, there was limited time-off we could take; then we got transferred to the USA, and that whole process took over our life, and well, here we are today.  But no matter because New York is waiting for us!!!  We have so many fun activities planned (obvy - I'm a planning freak) including a Yankees game, a Fuerza Bruta show, and several decadent meals... woop woop!!!!  Oh, and I've booked a Calgel manicure at Sakura nail spa - one of the original Calgel nail salons.  I'm going to do a graduated nail I think...  Maybe red ombré, so it looks like I've just had a vampire moment and dipped my hand in someone's blood (minus the bedazzling... ew).  Tehe.  Who knows, maybe I'll even go Hardcore hello kitty on y'all and really do it up.  I kid I kid.  Not me.  I'm too tall to pull off Hello Kitty.  The Husbo doesn't understand going all the way to New York, and "wasting 1.5 hours getting [my] nails done", but what the hey-ho does he know?  Geez.  The salon is near Soho, go people watch.  Ba-bye now :)

So, last night at our coed soccer game, some douche bag (there's lots of them turns out), who was probably a big deal in middle school on the soccer field, but is now forty and overweight, decided to body-check me, and knocked the wind outta me...  As I lay there making weird donkey noises, I remember thinking "maybe I should wear blades on my cleats, then I could do some ankle slashing" - As an after thought I was secretly hoping the Husbo would give him a slap, but in retrospect that would have been weird - In reality we ended up playing some type of insane sherades, as I couldn't breath or talk, and I was making those weird sounds that one makes while gasping for air;  there were several people around me asking what was hurting, roll over, stay down, is it you crotch? (tehe no one said that, but it would have been funny), and I couldn't respond because of the whole can't breath thing....  Finally my husbo goes "she's okay, she has the wind knocked out of her", and I totally did the aggressive nod and point as one does in sherades upon a correct guess.  This incident reminded me of when the Husbo was doing his first aid training while we were living in Dubai, and how ridiculous the process was...  He would come home laughing, and tell me most excellent stories of these poor guys who couldn't understand English, but were taking the English-taught class, and attempting to practice the first aid process - It ended up pretty much being forced man-makeouts because some guys truly didn't understand what mouth-to-mouth was, and/or wording mistakes such as "I'm going to touch your body right now, yes?" as they approach the dummy to practice CPR.  Hahahahaha.  I just had a lil' laugh attack moment.  One saying that was often mispronounced, and that we now say every time we pass a Hooter's Restaurant (quite often in Houston), is "welcome to Hooter's", sounds like "welcome to whores".  Good stuff.

I'm off to do another bridal trial - August wedding in Texas, equals mega heat and humidity...  I'm pulling out all the stops for this one!  Squueeeeee to New York, and more wedding love!!!!!!!!

Hooter's, not whores have bad fish burgers....  Well maybe both.  Shizam!!!

xo T

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bridal magic!

Before and after of Jessica, bride to be.  So gorgeous.

Jessica before Théa-fication
Jessica after Théa-fication - I did a glamorous, yet classic look for her face.
Really pretty lady!

 Happy weekend!!

xo T

Théa-Fyed - Before and after 3

Today another hot mamma got a makeover!!  Mendy, a GORGEOUS mum, and the owner of Just Wax It got Théa-fyed this morning!!!  I'm not going to tell you how old she is as it will make people angry.  I will say that she has a daughter in college...  Ladies, you have to get yourself to Just Wax It and start using Mendy's skin care regimen because DAMN!  I have a bridal client later today so I will post those before and after's in a bit.  For now, let me show you how I took Mendy from here:

Before Théa-fication
 To Here:
After Théa-fication
Mendy is so beautiful, and her face is one of those that can actually hold a lot of makeup without looking drag-queenish...  So we went for a bold cat-eye on her.  The step by step to this look is as follows.  Deelish:

I added a couple of thin layers of foundation: First MAC's face and body foundation in N2,
followed by a dusting of MAC  Studio Fix foundation in NC35
to set the foundation, and give additional coverage.
I then used MUFE Concealer Palette No 2 under her eyes.
Contour time!  I used MAC's Matte Bronzer in Bronze,
MAC's blush in Peachykeen, &
MAC Studio Fix Highlighter in Gold
For the shadow (all MAC colours):  I blended a deep burgundy in Mendy's crease,
blended with a pinkish gold on the lid,
and highlighted under the brow and at the lash line with a matte champagne colour.
I used Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Black Onyx applied with an angled brush, &
MAC Charcoal Brown shadow applied with an angled brush on her brows.
For her lashes I used Maybelline Falsies mascara in Blackest black.
I finished the look by mixing a nude lipstick with a rosey lipstick, and toped it with a pretty gloss.
Mendy is one GORGEOUS lady!!  Get ready for today's bridal before and after, which I'll post later tonight...  I'm pretty sure Jessica (the said bride) is a doll, that knows how to move and talk like a Human.  She's insanely beautiful, and has zero pores.  Such a FAB DAY!!  I'm getting geared up to do a big Texas wedding on a gorgeous ranch tomorrow!  So excited (although slightly scared that I will get lost driving out there.  I tried to con the Husbo into driving me and "have quality time with Dugg-the-dog in Texas' Hill Country while I worked".  He told me to beat it).

Love weddings.  Love before and afters.  Love GPS'.

xo T