Friday, April 15, 2011

Bo Derek could learn from me...

So the video for a side braid, both fish-tail style and normal french braid style, is complete!  I had to film it twice, so there are various outfits throughout the clips:  I was having pre-menopausal sweats, and then getting freezing...  Not normal.  Dugg also decided to grace us with his presence in this video.  I'm going to post the video here, as well as on my youtube channel.  The youtube version tends to be slightly better quality, so go there if you wanna!

It's kinda hard to explain doing hair, so I hope this is as clear as mud ;)

Tonight I'm going to attempt to make homemade tempura, and various types of sushi for a stay at home date night...  Hockey playoffs....  We won't be leaving the house for weeks now.  The Husbo doesn't find it funny when I pause the TV, or try to talk to him about "important things" or dance in front of the TV, or ask why he loves me when the game's on.  All of a sudden he's lost his sense of humour...  Sigh...

Go CANUCKS!!!!!!!!

xo T

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