Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not-so-ghetto fabulous; just fabulous

The coloured eyeshadow video tutorial is complete!  I chose blue, mainly because I think it's the hardest colour to pull off without looking 80's trashy.  I'm a believer in certain 80's throwbacks (I'm a child of the 80's after all), such as florescent tank tops, nail polish, and shoe laces; side pony tails, and raybans...  But that's it.  Acid wash is not something I encourage.  Ever.  In this video, I've demonstrated a technique that I'm calling "The Rule of Thirds".  It's an eye makeup application technique that is pretty much goof-proof, and will ensure anyone attempting bold eyeshadow colours with look chic and modern, not dated out and wonky.  Behold:

You can also watch the youtube video here...  It's slightly better quality.

The key to this look is to pick three shades of the colour effect you're going for:  
  • Eg. Dark purple, lavender, and light pink/lavender would look really pretty.  
  • Dark green (almost charcoal greenish), Steely green, and a light mint green would be dramatic and fabulous with black coal eyeliner and lots of mascara.  
Basically it's a technique to add to your repitoire of Théa-fyed looks...  Anyone who tries any of these techniques, send in a photo... you just may get a shout out tehe.

Quick ridiculous Théa and Dugg story:  Dugg and I like to have an early evening frisbee throwing/wrestling session in the fields of the university across the street from us.  Dugg thinks it's hilarious when I do Cartwheels, and even though I'm almost 29, I act like a 4 year old and dance with my dog, by myself, without shame, in a field in view of many people.  Well yesterday, we were doing our dancing, cartwheeling, wrestling, frisbee throwing good time, and there was an incident:  I was rolling on the ground (yes, I'm an adult, and I roll on the ground... perfectly acceptable in my world), and freeking rolled my HAIR OVER SOME DAMN DOG SH*T!!!!  I just feel like this is getting ridiculous.  Once I discovered the POOPY HAIR, I had to walk home like I had some weird back-kink situation, holding my head back so it wouldn't touch anything on me.  Just think about the initial washing of the hair...  There's no avoiding touching the poop.  Picture it.

I'm destined for dog poop.  

xo T

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