Monday, April 4, 2011

"Welcome to Whores"

Today is a day of preparations... Why?  Because the Husbo and I are FINALLY taking a honeymoon and going to NEW YORK tomorrow!!!!!  Wooohoooooo!  Yes, I realize I've been married for over a year, but, well, when we were living in Dubai, and getting married in California, there was limited time-off we could take; then we got transferred to the USA, and that whole process took over our life, and well, here we are today.  But no matter because New York is waiting for us!!!  We have so many fun activities planned (obvy - I'm a planning freak) including a Yankees game, a Fuerza Bruta show, and several decadent meals... woop woop!!!!  Oh, and I've booked a Calgel manicure at Sakura nail spa - one of the original Calgel nail salons.  I'm going to do a graduated nail I think...  Maybe red ombré, so it looks like I've just had a vampire moment and dipped my hand in someone's blood (minus the bedazzling... ew).  Tehe.  Who knows, maybe I'll even go Hardcore hello kitty on y'all and really do it up.  I kid I kid.  Not me.  I'm too tall to pull off Hello Kitty.  The Husbo doesn't understand going all the way to New York, and "wasting 1.5 hours getting [my] nails done", but what the hey-ho does he know?  Geez.  The salon is near Soho, go people watch.  Ba-bye now :)

So, last night at our coed soccer game, some douche bag (there's lots of them turns out), who was probably a big deal in middle school on the soccer field, but is now forty and overweight, decided to body-check me, and knocked the wind outta me...  As I lay there making weird donkey noises, I remember thinking "maybe I should wear blades on my cleats, then I could do some ankle slashing" - As an after thought I was secretly hoping the Husbo would give him a slap, but in retrospect that would have been weird - In reality we ended up playing some type of insane sherades, as I couldn't breath or talk, and I was making those weird sounds that one makes while gasping for air;  there were several people around me asking what was hurting, roll over, stay down, is it you crotch? (tehe no one said that, but it would have been funny), and I couldn't respond because of the whole can't breath thing....  Finally my husbo goes "she's okay, she has the wind knocked out of her", and I totally did the aggressive nod and point as one does in sherades upon a correct guess.  This incident reminded me of when the Husbo was doing his first aid training while we were living in Dubai, and how ridiculous the process was...  He would come home laughing, and tell me most excellent stories of these poor guys who couldn't understand English, but were taking the English-taught class, and attempting to practice the first aid process - It ended up pretty much being forced man-makeouts because some guys truly didn't understand what mouth-to-mouth was, and/or wording mistakes such as "I'm going to touch your body right now, yes?" as they approach the dummy to practice CPR.  Hahahahaha.  I just had a lil' laugh attack moment.  One saying that was often mispronounced, and that we now say every time we pass a Hooter's Restaurant (quite often in Houston), is "welcome to Hooter's", sounds like "welcome to whores".  Good stuff.

I'm off to do another bridal trial - August wedding in Texas, equals mega heat and humidity...  I'm pulling out all the stops for this one!  Squueeeeee to New York, and more wedding love!!!!!!!!

Hooter's, not whores have bad fish burgers....  Well maybe both.  Shizam!!!

xo T

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