Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jessica Simpson's best assets + Nose hair waxing??

Have y'all read People magazine's 50 most beautiful people?  Jennifer Lopez is on the cover looking so ridiculously gorgeous, it's not normal.  I have such a female crush on her...  I used to have a female crush on Jessica Simpson, mainly because she seemed to lack shame, which I can relate to.  That crush has since crashed; however, She is lookin' pretty hot in the People's most beautifull magazine... Especially her makeup.

Today I'm going to give Mendy, the owner of Just Wax It, a makeover featuring a dramatic smokey eye inspired by Jessica Simpson's People shoot.  She's always wanted to learn how to do a smokey eye, and has recently bought a delicious amount of makeup, so I'm teaching her how to use some of her new treats to create a dramatic and sexy look!

We're starting with a fresh face, and "building" the look.  A successful smokey look is all about layering, and blending!
I started by drawing an imperfect line with a smudgy
black eyeliner
across her top lashes
I then filled in the shape of the smokey eye...  This is pre-blending, so don't worry!
It's all part of "building" up the smokey eye.  I blended the black eyeliner
with an angled brush
along her lash line, and from the crease of her lid down,
 I shaded in a dark purpley-grey shadow.  I concentrated the shadow at the
 outter 2/3 of her eyelid
, and blended it in to the inner corner,
forming a semi circle of the shape of her eyelid + brow bone
I took the same purpley-grey shadow and blended in along the lower lash line.
I then took a shimmery champagne colour along the brow bone, and at the top of
 the "semi circle" we created, to blend out any solid lines.  I also brought the champagne
colour into the inner corner of her eyes to soften everything up.
I lined the inner rim of the top and bottom lash line with black waterproof eyeliner,
Filled in her brows with an eyebrow pencil, and added mascara
Under eye concealer, bronzer, highlighter and lip gloss, and the look is complete!
 I love being able to transform people's faces, and teach them new makeup looks...  I think we all get in makeup ruts, and end up wearing the same thing, or going to the same look day after day...  It gets boring people!  The beauty of makeup is that EVERYONE can achieve most looks, as long as it's done in a way that's polished and not tragic.  Speaking of tragic, let's talk about the awesome experience I had today concerning nose hairs.  As my readers may remember, my former self, Peaches the Hairless cat, has had a strong influence over my present day loathing of all body hair (except on the head, lashes, and eyebrows).  Therefore, today when one of the girls that works in the salon said "oh man I need to wax my nose hairs", my ears REALLY perked up!  I didn't even know this was possible!!!  Don't pretend like you haven't plucked a stray nose hair or two in your time...  It's a necessary evil for us well kept women, but waxing????  I'm in!  So, shameless as I am, I took a couple of snap shots of the procedure to shaw y'all how EFFING FABULOUS this procedure is!!  It takes 20 seconds, does NOT hurt nearly as much as you would think, and results are PERFECTION.  I wanna show everyone the inside of my nose.  Like I'm seriously proud of it, deviated septum and all!  Behold:

They apply the wax to the inner part of your nose with a wooden stick,
wait for 20 seconds or so while the wax dries a bit and then.....

YANK!!!  Look at that stick!!  So gross, but I inspected it in amazement for like 7 minutes.
You MUST get this done.  It may change your life.
I'm gonna start holding my nose in the air - That's right, I may just become a snob. 

xo T

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