Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh hi there!

I know!  What an epic hiatus...  I'm pulling the "new mummy card" on this one.  Even my husband knows that after I put lil" Z down for bed, I am on pure veg mode... time for a glass of wine, and trashy TV.   And thus, the blog has been left waiting, however not forgotten...  Sooooo much has happened in the last 6 months:  I now have a healthy, happy 6 month old that makes my world GORGEOUS.  Her smile makes my heart sing with love, and it's safe to say that I love love love being a mum (super unglamorous moments and all).  Behold my baby girl:

Gahd that girl GETS ME!!

SPEAKING of getting me....  I'm SOWEE about how my skin has changed postpartum.  I have flaky under eyes happening, and dry chin area, and the rest is a weird combo of dry and oily - less than optimal.  However, because I've deemed myself a "mental giant" (thanks Kat), and have no problem spending my life savings on various beauty products, I think I have a pretty good combo sorted out.  My regime consists mainly of Laura Mercier's face products, including her tinted moisturizer mixed with a dollop of Chanel Soleil Tan bronzing liquid (pricey and delightful, especially when I'm feeling sallow and tired), a shit ton of bronzer (various brands...  tomorrow I'm going to buy some more Nars Laguna bronzer because the 7 other bronzers I have going on right now aren't cutting it for me.  My husband will never understand, and doesn't need to).  And then comes the under eye dilemma.  I've been so digging Laura Mercier's undercover pot, but it's caking on me right now, and I don't get it.  I'm going to try changing up my eye moisturizer, and see if that helps... sigh... vanity problems.

In life news, my mum just left yesterday, after a glorious 9 day visit, where we sweat our ballz off, laughed, drank, baby ogled, and threw in a BBQ for the baby masses.  Oh and the Husbo and I had our first official date night for my 30th birthday at Uchi - AWESOME restaurant in Houston - 10 course tasting menu in my belly?  Yes please!
Off to date night!
Birthday happy hour with the ladies
Babies chillin' at the BBQ
In other life news, i.e. the last few months, behold the picture montage as I have to watch the season premier of true blood and am out of time ;)  Priorities people.
Lovin' with the husbo
Playing with Zee baby
Grandma dags doing some reading with Z
a romp to Calgary to play with sister, cousin, friends, and new nephew Jake!

a jaunt to Palm Springs to introduce the universe to Z
Playing with Lizzy and Erinn in Palm SPrings 
Bootcamping it up in Houston with the fab ladies of Urban Mom
Dugg had a visitor too!!  1/2 cousin twice removed...   Little Stewart
came to visit with Aunty Kat and Uncle Steve

Stay cool people.
xo T