Monday, April 25, 2011

Picasso tools

As the creator of "Paint Me Perfect", I suppose I should inform everyone on the brushes that I cannot live without!  There are a few, and they can truly turn everyone into a much more talented makeup artist.  Let's start with the foundation:  Depending on what type you use (liquid, mineral, powder...), there are a couple of options for best brushes.  For liquid, Makeup Forever's N55 brush is a necessity for any woman who wants even, flawless coverage, and an airbrushed effect.  For those mineral foundation ladies, a kabuki brush, specifically Sephora's kabuki brush is life changing.  Bare Escentuals handy buki is awesome as well.  For concealer, I always use my finger, as I think the warmth of my hand helps the product spread more easily so there's less pulling on the skin.  For bronzer and blush, it's really a personal choice; but I use a separate brush for each as they are both doing different things and should be applied differently...  You risk looking clownish if there's any blush residue on the brush when you're attempting to put on bronzer ya know??  I use triangle sponges to apply powder under my eyes to set the concealer, and a fluffy powder brush for light dustings of powder on my face (TRICK:  Apply powder only where you tend to get shiny - The tee zone usually - as it will keep you from looking too one-dimensional, and flat).

Onto the eyes.  There's this one fluffy shadow brush I have, that Dugg has chewed the end off of, and I've had for years, but I'm absolutely obsessed with it for shadow application in the crease.  I can't see who makes it as it's been chewed and worn off, but Sephora has a brush similar to it.  Essential for the eyes as well, is a short bristled brush to blend shadow along the lower lash line, or blend an eyeliner.  An eyeliner brush (for liquid/gel liner applications), and an angled brow brush will finish off the collection of necessity makeup brushes and you are ready to apply like a pro!  Now don't get me wrong...  I have about a million more brushes than these listed here, but these are the must haves :)

Go Picasso your face!

xo T

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