Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get off my face!

So, I've had a few requests now from people asking about how I remove my makeup?  The particular question I get is "what's your favourite eye makeup remover".  To which I answer, "none of them".  Seriously, eye makeup remover, in my humble opinion, is a waste of money, leads to wrinkles from all the rubbing you have to do, and stings the eyes.  I have quite sensitive eyes as well, so I end up getting Quasimodo-lid-swelling from these concoctions - Not hot.  What I have always used is plain old soap on my eyes...  The best is Johnson & Johnson baby bar soap, as it's made for sensitive baby skin, but it's hard to find, so Aveeno baby bar soap works well too...  Anything that's a bar soap, and that says "baby" on it will work fine.  It removes every speck of eye makeup (and we know I like to pile it on), and because it's soap, you don't have to rub, so much as gently press and smooth the soap over TIGHTLY closed eyes...  Once I rinse the soap off thoroughly, I follow with my regular skincare routine and my skin is ready to sleep.

I've also had a few requests on how I do the side braid shown below:

Side braid action
This braid is a life saver for those of us growing out bangs, or if you're having a greasy hair day, or if you just want to add some prettiness to your hair style.  It can be done it many different ways, and its overall effect makes you look really talented, even if you aren't:  Know how to do a french braid?  Then you can do this!  I'm even going to show you how to do a fishtail braid for a different spin on this look.  Love it.  The video tutorial for some braiding action is on its way peeps.  It's like I'm a Brownie's Troop leader.  God I hated Brownie's.  I actually peed myself in my Brownie's outfit.  I remember it very clearly:  I was in grade 2, with a creepy teacher who had flutes in his back pocket at all times, and after having my lil' accident I had to sneakily remove my underpants, and I was nervous all day because I was wearing my ugly brown Brownie's dress, and pulling a Paris Hilton (i.e. dress + 0 Panties = Disaster).  It was about then that I started hating the wooden rocking horse we had it the classroom...

Wear underpants.  Or Adult diapers.

xo T

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