Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wholly Santa Shiz!

Get ready for the best video ever (at least in the history of Théa video making)!!!  There's music, a guest appearance by Dugg the Dog, lessons on zit coverage, day-time face makeup, and perfect eyebrow filling!!!!  Your day - no, life - just got better friends.  It's over 10 minutes, so grab a coffee and have a private dance party.  PS:  The music continues on after the video is done for some reason.  Will deal with fixing that on the next post haha.  Just keep dancing.

As a lil' side bar, today I had the pleasure of picking up a steamy dog poop with a bag that, unbeknownst to me, had a lovely lil' hole in it.  I didn't realize it quite in time, and scratched my nose...  That's right!!! With the poopy finger!!  I gave myself a poo-stash.  I was wondering why the eff it smelled so strongly of sh*t and then realized because it was in my nose.  I had to walk for 30 minutes before I could get home and basically snort soap to get the smell and substance out.

Poo-Stash Pheasey.  You can call me that for the next 24 hours.  No longer.  FML.

xo T

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  1. Hey!!!! Love the video. Going to get a brow pencil at Bobbi Brown now cuz I have been squeeking by with a very sad shade of brown/red that was lovely with red hair and TERRIBLE with brownish/blonde.
    Hey, I can post a comment as anonymous! Now you have no idea who i am!!!
    Ok, you probably figured out who I am.