Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't paint by numbers your face

Ummmm, what's happening here?  Remember I said how much I loved J-Lo's makeup?  Well there is an exception to this statement... Behold:
Bad J-Lo. Bad.
Why the mega green and weird amount of blush??  I'm all for a lovely green shadow done right, actually there are endless colours that you can use to create a smokey eye and really make your peepers pop, but that means the rest of your face has to be somewhat subdued.  The blush just ruins it for me, and also how MUCH green shadow was slopped on her lids.  She's so beautiful, why the weird clown mask?  In light of this not-so-buzz-worthy face situation, I will be making a video that shows you how to do a coloured smokey eye in a fabulous way, without looking like you are either 80's fabulous, or a midget-clown.  I'm off to a Cirque de Soleil performance tonight; I've decided to share the fun makeup look I'm going for!

Smokey Eye + bubble gum pink lips.  Deeelish
Don't be a clown, be a monkey.  They get to swing from trees.

xo T


  1. Please reveal your brand of Bubble Gum!

  2. MAC lipstick in Saint Germain. I put a layer of MAC Angel lipstick over top!