Thursday, February 3, 2011

What do you mean by "sowee"?

I feel I should introduce this blog with a word that has grown to be a major part of my vocabulary.  It's a made-up word, which can be used in several situations, and is actually quite useful.  For example, one could say, "that lady has a sowee situation" when observed tripping over a log and landing in a pile of mud wearing a fur coat.  Or, "don't be sowee" could be used as a pre-curser to "I cracked the face of your Rolex", almost like a warning to the receiver of information that something bad is about to be said, so prepare your temper controls.  My favourite use of the word however, is as an adjective to a bad makeup or hair situation: "please don't wear blue eye shadow in that manner, it's very sowee"; or "spiral perms are sowee".

Now that we're clear on that, let's move on to more introductory topics.  I'm a makeup artist, and style/beauty obsessor, and always on the prowl to find the best products, or share my thoughts on various techniques that every woman should know.  I feel like there is such a conflict of information out there, and want to try and clear things up.  I do offer private and group lessons, which you can find on my website (just a little plug there :)), however I'm excited to use this forum as a means to get out any urgent information re beauty tips and tricks, and or anything else I deem share-worthy.

As a very first beauty recommendation, let me share this tip:  Every week cover your hair in about 2 Tablespoons of warm coconut oil (any brand will do, I got mine at Whole Foods).  Leave the oily delicious concoction on your hair for as long as you want (minimum 15-20 minutes), and wash and condition as usual.  Your hair will be fabulously soft, moisturized, shiny, and deep conditioned without the salon price.  Trust me, it saved my hair after living in Dubai and having a really SOWEE situation where a hairdresser decided he would use 60 volume bleach on my naturally blonde hair??!!  Many bawling sessions, hours of trial and error, research, and obsessive weeks later, I discovered the powers of coconut oil and am forever grateful to those lil' guys.

Happy coco times!

xo T

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