Saturday, February 5, 2011

video madness...

Okay, soooooo, turns out makeup instructional videos are all the rage, and I must admit, I've spent a fair amount of time on youtube trying to learn/perfect a certain technique or specific look - i.e. below, my lovely girlfriend Kat and I decided we wanted to be cheetahs for Halloween, and youtube proved very useful in giving me some makeup ideas...  it's actually a bit weird that there was such an abundance of videos for cheetah makeup.  Kinda fettish-ee...

Anyways....  In the spirit of getting on this bandwagon of makeup goodness, and because I'm so eager to share all my little tools and tricks with everyone (because seriously what's the big secret), I made a lil' video about concealer.  Concealer is one of those things that can make you go from a "binge drinking cigarette pack smoking party all night" haggard appearance, to a "glad I drank green tea and slept for 12 hours" kinda look....  Yup it can be that good, but it has to be applied right, and every woman I teach is always surprised by how I tell them they should put it on.

So, here's a little experiment on video madness.  What do y'all think?  Are these useful things to post?  I'm too afraid to post it on youtube at this juncture because it creeps me out to think that some perv is watching it - not for the makeup tips.  One day I'll get there.  Not yet though.  Oh and a little fyi, I had to film this twice due to my husband laughing in the background of the first shooting because he thought I was talking to myself... so I have concealer on before the second shooting started... making the application not as obvious... Stupid boys.

xoxo T

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