Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brigitte Bardot boobs... I mean Eyes

If we were a young lady in the 40's - 60's, I would not be one of the girls the boys go crazy over:  I would be taller than all of them, swear too much, and missing the breast endowment to fill in those cute sweaters (and ugly bras).  That being said, my makeup would have been awesome; specifically the liquid eyeliner.  For years now I have been wearing the black liquid eyeliner a la Brigitte Bardot, and have taught many-a-woman how to do it on themselves.  It's one of the easiest ways to glam up your eyes, and draw attentions to your pretty peepers.  I also like how versatile the liquid eyeliner look can be:  clean and classic when worn with just mascara; or sexy and seductive when incorporated onto a smokey eye.  Once the application of the liquid liner is mastered, the opportunities are endless as to how you can change up your eye looks.

After trying pretty much every liquid liner out there, I have finally found the one that I think is the best:  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner.  It's pigment is the richest, it lasts the longest, and it doesn't dry up like other gel liners in a pot.   It comes in a bunch of fun colours as well, although I would stick to black, dark brown, and dark blue/purple for the liquid liners.

Brigitte has some damn good eyeliner - and boobs

Théa - Liquid liner, eyeshadow + false lashes

A lot of women are intimidated by the application of liquid eyeliner, but there are a few tricks that can help you become a liner expert!  It start's with the right tool:  A small angled brush with stiff bristles.  If you don't already have one, get one.  It doesn't have to be expensive; any brand will do, just make sure that the bristles are pointed and small enough to get detailed in your application.

I've put together a lil' video below that shows how to do a subtle smokey eye, with some seriously Brigitte inspired Liner...  Give it a try and pop them peepers!

That's a lot of eyeball!!

xo T

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