Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MacGyver has a nice bum!

The other day, my closest girlfriend was shaking her blackberry messenger head at me over my product-whore tendencies, and asked a good question:  If I were stuck on a desert island, what were the top products I couldn't live without.  Now, obviously if I really were stuck on a desert island, I would want MacGyver, insect repellant, and a fridge; but for the intentions of her question, I have broken down my "can't live withouts" into a few categories, because I'm not a light packer, and a product whore needs her pimpin' products.

Hair:  For those of you that know me, I have a problem when it comes to hair; an obsession problem.  From colour changes, to cuts, to extensions, to "Oh My F*&^%ing God, a Lebanese hair dresser fried off all my gorgeous locks" disaster...  It's been a bumpy road.  I'm finally at a stage of loving my hair again after a YEAR of deep conditioning, salvaging, praying, googling home remedies, TERRIBLY boring pillow talk with my poor husband asking the same question "but can you tell it's burnt??!!", and finally the dreaded cutting and starting again.  I had rage, and a whole new level of OCD, but in the end I am now the Queen of hair in terms of how to camouflage bad strand times, and what products do and don't work.  Let's begin:

1.  Coconut Oil:  I know I talked about this concoction and it's bountiful benefits in a previous blog, but I have to say again that it's amaze-balls, and does things that Jesus dreams of achieving one day.  Again, put a couple Tablespoons in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, slather all over the head, and let it soak in its goodness for as long as you have (minimum 15-20 minutes...  I do it while I'm cleaning, blogging, or sometimes before a run).
2.  Moroccan Oil:  Those lil' guys know what they are doing with this liquid deliciousness.  My favourites of the line are the original MOROCCANOIL Oil treatment, and the MOROCCANOIL Intense Hydrating Mask.  The rest of the line's products are amazing as well, and smell some kinda fantastic, but the aforementioned gems are life-changing:  Hair is softer, shinier, silkier, and overall cooler.

Last year's hair history in photos:
Blonde with extensions... love those things
Damaged post Lebanese frying - Covered with a scarf
Dyed brown and chopped - clip in extensions are in... on the way to getting healthy again
(note my GF's hair colour change from first photo - She let me make her a GORGEOUS brunette!)
Getting back to my Natural...
Since I've been dying my hair for the last 15 years, I've been surprised to find a have
GREY STREAK near my left temple.  Average.
** SIDEBAR ** I have to show a for real before and after of my bestie Erinn.  Her and her husband came and visited us in Dubai and she let me give her a FULL ON MAKEOVER!!  Girl has some BALLS, and let me dye her hair a beautiful auburn shade...  As a blonde her entire life, she was pissed when everyone said how much better the brunette shade looked on her:  
Erinn Before Théa hair and makeup
Erinn after Théa hair and makeup
"WTF??!  So I've been less than the best version of myself for 30 years?  Eff you world"

Makeup:  This one's a little harder for me, as I really am obsessed with this stuff (hence the career choice), however, I have a few things that are amazing, perfect, lovely products that are nothing put great great great, and worth every penny...  This makeup section is more of a "products of the month" as I'm a fickle slut, and often change my makeup alliances:

1.  Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder:  I use this as my every-day foundation (there has to be a distinction as I have "going out foundations", "photo-shoot foundations" and "workout tinted moisturizers").  I put it on over my moisturizer and all of a sudden I have natural looking, perfect skin.  It stays on all day, has buildable coverage, doesn't settle into any creases, and doesn't irritate or breakout my skin as it's all natural.  I'm obsessed with this stuff, and was very pleased when I got three replacements as stocking stuffers this Christmas...  Seriously, my family and Husbo know how far my love for this product goes.
2. Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer:  Oh Mamma MIIAAA!!  My Father-In-Law's GF got this for me, and she is still my favourite person just for being the bearer of this gift!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  Such an amazing, matte bronzer, that gives a natural bronzing effect - healthy and flushed - not dirty or Jersey-Shore.  I didn't use it in my bronzer application video because it's pricey and I don't want to discourage daily bronzer application for fear of ching-ching products.  But if you have a nice lady or gentleman in your life who likes to shower you with treats, or if you feel like splurging on yourself, GET THIS.

Skin:  Okay, so I am going to post a separate blog on my skin care routine because it deserves individual attention, as well as the traumatizing adult-acne story that goes along with it...  For now the products that need highlighting, that I use daily, and that should to be in everyone's lives are as follows:

1. Jojoba Oil:  LIQUID DIAMONDS PEOPLE.  I use it for my face (mix a couple drops in with my moisturizer), lips, as an "eye cream", on the ends of my hair as a serum, and put a couple of tablespoons in with my hair conditioner.  It's cheap, wonderful, doesn't clog pores, and can be used as a multi-product (i'm sure you can find other lubricating uses for it as well...)  You can find it at any natural food store, and most vitamin stores.  DO IT.
2.  The Youth Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream:  Yes, I've talked about it before, but it's that fantastic.  If I have really dry skin, I mix in a couple of drops of Jojoba Oil with "The Youth" and apply directly to my skin.  Perfection.

Love this stuff?  Have other questions?  Email me, and we can get more beauty dilemmas sorted!  Maybe we can talk about MacGyver too.  Seriously, I bet he would have some Jojoba oil usage ideas...
xo T

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