Saturday, February 19, 2011

Makeover Madness!!

Sooo, the sister is in town from Calgary, so OBVIOUSLY I've forced her into a day of girly makeover fun...  It was a pretty perfect day, starting with a delicious coffee and breakfast, and then going to visit the "Guru of all things Hair", aka Leigh, who graces her presence at Shyn Salon here in Houston.

Leigh doing some major Consulting A La Hair...

And it's hilarious!
Post hair doing, Kate and I hit up Yogurtland for my favorite daily fix, and the next logical stop was clearly Sephora - which happens to be beside MAC (squee!).  To the dismay of the overly-eager (and perfumed??) employees, I refused all their help and got right to the goods for Kate.  We had previously gone through all her makeup bag to determine where the holes in her supplies were, so it was a straight forward trip (for her stuff that is...  For me, I like to smell, test, wipe, lacquer, and paint pretty much every product in there...  I've actually gotten to the point where I hide the boxes and bags from my makeup purchases before the Husbo gets home - he doesn't understand that "this mascara will make all the difference between a sexy eye and a **ck me eye").
Sephora was out of Kate's colour in Makeup Forever's HD Invisible Cover Foundation (harumph).  But instead of giving up, we hit up MAC to see if they would have a good match for her skin, and turns out the Studio Fix Fluid foundation was the winner!!  She also bought the best makeup brush ever for fluid foundation application, and some delicious new concealer from MUFE's HD line as well.

Necessary, Delicious Purchases
After getting home, the makeover REALLY began!!!  I gave her the full Kayo By Théa Full Monty treatment, as well as a makeup lesson, and DAMN did she look Gorgeous!!  Some step-by-step pics and the transformation follow...

Kate pre-hair and makeup makeover extravaganza
Then I made her wash her face and we started from scratch...  First step, The Youth by Bliss moisturizer mixed in with a couple drops of Jojoba Oil; that Calgary weather has sucked the moisture out of her skin!  And then the Double Layer Magic began!

Layer 1:  MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation
Applied with MUFE 55N Brush

Layer 2:  Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation
Applied with a Kabuky brush
MUFE HD Concealer applied with my finger
Scott Barnes St. Tropez Bronzing powder applied with MAC 129 brush
Nars Copacabana
applied with my finger
Eyes - Bobby Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink,
smudged into a subtle smokey eye
Another view of Kate's fab profile
accentuated by some bronzer contouring

Oh man I love makeovers so so much!!!!  Perhaps on Day 2 of her visit I will force her to buy a horse and carriage because that seems like it would be stinky fun - Horse poops are gross.

Happy weekend!

xo T

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