Friday, February 25, 2011

Squealing like a lil' piglet!

Today started out in a great way - My surprise can be revealed, as the details were sorted this morning!!  I will be opening my very own studio in Houston in a couple of weeks!!!! Oh man oh man oh man!!!  I'm so ridiculously excited to be where I'm going to be...  It's in the Just Wax It Salon (if you remember, they are the greatest, high end waxing specialists in Houston, as well as facials, chemical peels, skin care etc etc...), and in the PERFECT location!!  The studio is perfect, and I'm obviously going to Théa-fye it up.  This is such a new and exciting adventure for both my company, and Mendy (the Just Wax It Guru)...  I sense global makeup, skin care, and hairlessness domination in the very near future.

Speaking of skin care, Mendy is just as obsessed with skin care (and MacGyver!!!!) as I am (that's saying a lot!).  She carries Image Skin Care in her salon, and I can't wait to try it out (Their tag line is "Age Later"...  Ummm, sign me up!)!!!  She gave me some samples of the Vital C and the Ageless lines... I shall keep y'all informed of the goodness that happens to my skin.

Also, the wedding coordinator from the Crown Plaza River Oaks (the Beverly Hills of Houston) called this morning (she got my name from Angie?!  Who the eff is Angie??!  Thanks doll!) asking me if I could model for her, very last minute, for a bridal photoshoot at the Crown Plaza...  Ummmmmm, does this mean I get to wear a wedding dress another time in my life without having to go through a divorce, dating, falling in love and getting married again????   YES PLEASE!!!!  I am in love with love, and obviously I love weddings (weddings and teaching women how to apply makeup are my main services), so this is MOST excellent!  Not to mention the fact that meeting this woman is the key to so many future brides!  Squeeeeeee!!!  I'll also be doing the makeup for another bridal model at the shoot, so this is all fun and exciting news...  The photoshoot and my makeup will be featured on, which is actually the site I used when I needed help planning my wedding! I'll take a couple of snap shots and post them later!  I'm off to get fitted (double squeee!!)

xo T

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