Friday, February 11, 2011

Jam a pencil in your eye, Snort your tears, and "just kid" your way through it!

First thing's first...  Dugg is doing better.  He's lethargic and a little tenderoni-pepperoni (i.e. he doesn't want to jump off our really high bed), but he had a play this morning with our neighbour's dogs Lucy and Henry (two super cute wiener dogs - Lucy takes it from Dugg...  Like TAKES it, which I'm sure lifted Dugg's spirits after a "play with her"), and seemed like his old happy self.  He promptly took to his bed post play (like a typical man) and is currently having a lil' nap.

Nap time with squishy face
Now, on to the beauty topic of the day - Inner Rim Eyeliner.  This is a tricky and product-test-heavy topic.  I've always been a fan of lining the inner lash line.  For those of you unfamiliar with what that is; it's the part of the eye ABOVE the lower lashes, and INSIDE/BELOW the upper lashes.  I.e. the inner rim of the eye.  I've done a black inner rim eye liner below.

Théa - Black inner rim eye liner for smokey eye effect
This technique is one of the single most eye-transforming tools to use.  Lining the inner rim can take your look from an average smokey eye, to a super sultry sexy effect (black inner rim lining), and can make you look like you've had 10 hours sleep when you've struggled through 4 (white inner rim lining).   You can also instantly update your makeup by adding a pop of colour to your inner rim...  I like to use bright turquoise, green, or even dark purple, and all of a sudden the eye colour pops, and makeup looks more "fun".  Here's an example of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian rocking a few different looks with the inner rim liner (they're both kinda my makeup heroes fyi...  these girls have got some CHAMP painters!):

Grey Inner Rim Liner
Black Inner Rim Liner
White Inner Rim Liner
Black Inner Rim Liner

Now the question...  How do they do it??  There are a couple of important tricks to this technique because this area of the eye is constantly cleaning itself - kinda like a cat, but not really - and staying power of the makeup is tricky.  I've found, after many purchases of pencil, liquid, and gel eyeliners, that the stila Kajal eyeliner in Onyx is the absolute best in inner rim eye lining!   I've posted a short inner eyeliner instructional video here:

If you don't happen to have this liner, and don't feel like buying a new eyeliner to add to your repertoire, then try this trick:  grab the pencil liner of choice, make sure it's sharp, and take a lighter to the coloured tip for 1-2 seconds. Let the liner cool before jamming it in your eye ball, because that's not fun for anyone - the liner should have a bit of a sheen to it - then apply to the inner rim of the eye.  Now, if you happen to Jam yourself in the eye, and the inevitable eye-watering begins, there's a secret to preventing your eyes from drowning in tears, and ruining your existing makeup....  SNIFF REALLY HARD!  Not a womanly "oh I have a runny nose, let me get my hanky" sniff, but an "Oh my god I haven't smelled fresh baked cinnamon rolls in 3 years and I have to get all the scent in now" sniff - make it quick and dirty.  You will Suck in your tear duct tears, preventing the smudging and roll down.  Now obviously this doesn't work if you actually jammed your eyeball and tears are streaming down your face because you're bawling, but it will get those "about to fall tears" from an accidental poke, or just dry eyes.

In other news, I had a Bridal trial today with the super Gorgeous Megan.  She has the most insanely beautiful VIRGIN red hair, peaches and cream skin, and the prettiest freckles.  We did two trial looks:  The first was a more glamorous look with the eyes, and the second was much softer (we didn't have time to do a FULL two trials, so the softer look has no foundation - the focus was getting the eyes right).  Some before and after's are below...

Megan Before
Megan - Full face and glam eyes
Megan with soft eyes - no foundation or gloss here

I love weddings....  I love LOVE really (hence the two tattoos on my body that say "love" in two different languages...  Almost got disowned by my dad for the first one, and arrested for the second:  It was in Dubai, where "defacing" your body is highly illegal for a woman, and when I was searching for the very hidden, black market tattoo place - a maid's quarters - I accidentally asked a secret police Arab dude if he knew where the tattoo guy named Ahmed's shop was...  It was a bad situation...  It was a "JUST KIDDING!  God be with you!!" moment.

Quick and dirty sniff it ladies.  It will save the day.

xo T

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