Monday, February 28, 2011

Judging is okay when it's aimed at celebrities

Last night I tried really hard to stay interested in the Oscars...  I'm admittedly, slightly celebrity obsessed, and I love me some movies, but if I'm honest with myself, all I really want to do is see the pretty dresses, jewelry, hair and amazeballs makeup.  Obviously I can't handle myself and aggressively make fun of these people as they feign modesty, and blab self-importantly about their workout routine (celery sticks, diuretics and saunas?)...  But well, that's about it...  I was originally disappointed that I had a soccer game in the middle of the Oscars, and would only arrive home in time for the last 20 minutes of the show.  However, when I started watching the pre-Oscar red carpet show, eye rolling and ADHD quickly took over, and I found it a relief to head to the game; I didn't even bother recording the show.  Does this mean I'm not as celebrity obsessed as I, and many of those that know me, assumed?  Nope, because I spent the whole morning drooling over at the gowns, jewelry, hair and makeup...  Soooo what this DOES mean is I like to look at/judge the celebrities, in pretty outfits, and in their movie characters; but when they start to speak in their real selves about the things that they do, it makes me completely disinterested, and feel a little dirty.  Glad we got that figured out.

Shall we look at some of my favourite makeup of the big night???  I think so.

Jennifer Lawrence: Smokey Eyes + Polished skin = LOVE
Michelle Williams:  Soft and perfectly blended
Natalie Portman:  The perfect Rosy cheek
Anne Hathaway:  Perfect Matte Red Lips
Reese Witherspoon:  60's Glam done Perfectly!
And then there's my not-so-much liking looks:

Mandy Moore:  Washed out brownish-orange lipstick?  No!
Scarlett Johansson:  I get what they were trying to do,
but florescent orange eyeshadow + plum dress
 = hurts my brain
One thing that most of the celebrities walking the carpet last night DID do right was their eyebrows...  I'm obsessed with the perfect brow (among other things), and it kills me when they are either not plucked, too thin, or joined in the middle.
Stop that
While living in Dubai, I would often recoil in horror (I have a really hard time suppressing my reactions) as it is in style for the local women to have a groomed unibrow...  Like they obviously have it shaped into a widows-peak eyebrow.  It killed me (I understand and respect cultural tolerance, but a unibrow is a unibrow, no matter where you're from:  It wasn't okay when Frida Kahlo did it, and that status remains IMHO).  By the end of our stint there, my husbo and I, for various reasons, were over living there (my husbo said "I think your soul may be dyeing"...  I'm a lil' dramatic), and it got to the point where my Husbo would say to a unibrow offender, "there's supposed to be two".  They didn't know what he was talking about, but it made me giggle.

As I was searching for makeup looks, I randomly got a pic of Ginnifer Goodwin, and while I was not so freakin' impressed with the UNDERCUT (??!!), I was in LOVE with her brows:

They are filled in perfectly (as they are actually quiet sparse sans makeup...  I searched it), and frame her eyes beautifully.  I am one of the unfortunate overpluckers who have massacred my brows to never-coming-back status.  I.e.  I will never have gorgeous, full, shapely brows, a la Kim Kardashian;

Oh big Butts and shapely Brows, genetics say "NO CHANCE!"

but I know how to at least fake a Ginnifer Goodwin brow.  I will actually be doing a video on it soon, but in the meantime, my favourite products to do the brow fill-in include:

  1. MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown (the ashy-neutral brown colour matches most blonde and brunette hair colours/skin tones) applied with an angled brow brush.
  2. Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil - The formulation of these pencils are perfect for precise and natural eyebrow defining and filling in.  I tend to first shape with the pencil, and then blend a bit with an angled brow brush.
Celebrity judging, dress and jewelry ogling, and unibrow finger pointing complete. 

xo T 

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