Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Baa-aaack

Back in Houston that is.  I loved loved loved my trip, and all the makeup fun it involved!!!  Here's a pic of one of the fun group lessons I did in Vernon.  Very fun, with lots of laughs!!

The ladies learning to use eyeshadow as eyeliner.....
It's so interesting to me to hear and see the misconceptions out there about the application of makeup.  It's not fair for all this misinformation to be out there, and then expect people to know how to apply their makeup in the most flattering way!  I've put together a list of tips/tricks that most people did not know about/had trouble with:

Under eye concealer application:  I've actually made a video tutorial specifically for this purpose, which can be viewed here.  It's all about applying the concealer in a triangle formation from the inner corner of the eye, to the outer corner of the nose, and up to the outer corner of the eye.  Sound confusing?  Don't worry, the video makes it clear.

Eyeshadow colours and application:  Most women get in a rut, and use the same shadows over and over again.  What I want to show women everywhere, is that with the right application techniques, your shadow options are limitless.  There's a couple techniques that should be used, and BLENDING is always key, but for a day time eyeshadow technique you can follow the shadow principles of Bridget Bardot (you don't need to do the intense liquid liner shown in this video, an eyeshadow applied with an angled brush, or a pencil liner will do for most people!); or for a day time smokey eye, check out the following video.  If you want to deepen it up, and bring your day look to a night look, there's a video that shows you how here.

Lipstick that's to dark!!:  For whatever reason, there is am entire generation of women, rollin' around with lipstick that makes them look ten years older and kinda which-esk.  Dark maroon, plum, purple, and brown lipstick has to go!!!  It's so aging, and overall not cool!  Stick to the neutral shades of pinks and corals, and follow with a gloss.  Better yet, just go with a coloured gloss!  It won't travel up any fine lines of the lips, and looks luscious and beautiful!

Ok so those are the top three things I found to be an "issue" amongst the beautiful bevy of women I was lucky enough to work with last week!

Enjoy the tips, and use them.  People will thank you.

xo T

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