Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minimalist embarkment

Something is wrong with me, and/or I've had a shift in my beauty psychology, as lately all I want is minimalist makeup, and no fuss looks.  For those that know me, this is a strange statement coming from me.  Maybe it's all the travelling, or the shift in Houston weather to HOT and HUMID, but all of a sudden I'm all about pairing down to the essentials for my day looks.  I've also always admired those women who have the "no makeup" makeup looks.  Anyways, lately I've been going for this, and with my rehabbed hair situation (no die has touched these strands in 7 months - another large accomplishment), I'm at risk of being a lil' too boho hippy, as opposed to boho chic (I have a deep seeded hate for birkenstocks, patchouli and dreadlocks - gag - so I'm not really at risk of the hippy lifestyle...  don't fret).  Anyways, I've decided that the minimalist makeup look can be gorgeous; some examples of what I mean are below:

The look concentrates on clean, fresh skin, and groomed brows.  LOTS of Mascara and a hint of colour on the lips brightens everything up a bit.  Both of these women are clearly wearing makeup, but I like that they look so fresh and not so made up.  I've been taking this look a bit more bronzy (as I have a bronzer addiction), and bronzing up my face (contouring), and adding a lil' extra highlighter to the cheek and brow bones.  I dig it.  I've had a few "you're glowing" remarks, which is better than "you're sweaty".

Give 'er a try!  You may just shave off a few getting-ready minutes and look glam all the same!

Off to play wedding dress up with another beautiful bride to be!

xo T

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