Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Idle hands....

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!  Ok, a quicky between makeup lessons.  I've been a bad blogger!  However, that doesn't mean I haven't discovered a few DELICIOUS new buys recently.  I thought I would share them with y'all before I'm off to do a makeup lesson for a pair of beautiful ladies.  In case you've been wondering what the hey-ho I've been doing, let me just give you a taste (don't be jealous):
Meeting my new GORGEOUS Nephew Hugo.  I adore him and his chubby cheeks.
Going to game 5 of the Canucks vs Nashville playoffs with
some of my best friends in the whole wide world
Liz and I got in the hockey spirit and sported some SUPER awesome false lashes.  
All the guys loved them (more so than the ladies?).  Obvs.
In the BOX seating at the hockey game!!!  So awesome, with the most delicious
food and a waiter to fetch us our every desire.  SOOOO awesome.
Witness the boys making asses of themselves doing shots off a hockey stick.
There was a Jagermeister incident
Playing with Dugg the dog!!!  We brought him up to Canada with us, as he HATES
the heat in Houston, and it's only May!!!  So, he's going to be living with Grandma
and Grandpa this summer.  Oh man he loves it up here!!! 
Also on this list of my dream few days?  Going makeup shopping with my girls...  I bought pretty much the coolest limited edition Bobbi Brown Bronzer from the Almost Bare Collection.  I got the Rich Cocoa shade and it's perfection.  It goes on smooth and gives a natural bronzed look.  It's also Matte (which we know I love - I don't want to look dirty), and although slightly more pricey than your drugstore stuff, ($33) it's worth the coin.

I'm off to play makeup teacher!  

xo T

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