Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Pooper

So I know it's been a few days since the royal wedding.  And I know I should have cared more, as someone that generally likes to be in-the-know about meaningless celebrity gossip, but I didn't.  The only thing I actually cared about was the dress, makeup and hair.

The dress was good; Grace Kelly-esk, and demure.

The hair was average; Half up, curled, yawn.  The tiara made is cooler.  Diamonds make everything cooler though.

Makeup that SHE DID HERSELF????!  Ah-ver-age.  I'm sorry, I thought this is like the historic moment of the decade (the Brits would like to think so ;)), and she is allowed to do her own makeup for the wedding?  If it was good, then I would have given her major props, but well, it just wasn't.

She looks a lil' weird, but this is a good angle of the makeup.  The skin is fine.
A little too much blush, but it's the EYES that KILL ME!!  Never should people put an
eyeliner LINE on their lower lashes.  It should always be smudged, but preferably use a
shadow.  The inner rim of the eye is another story.  That can be done as a solid line
(it's the only thing you can do with the inner rim though...)
Another photo:  She's such a beautiful girl!  She has so much to work with.
She needed some contouring and highlighting.  A bride should always look glowing, never flat,
which is why the contouring is necessary. 
I will give her some credit.  Girl was composed, and played her part well.
I can't imagine the kind of pressure she have felt/feels, as the future Queen of England.  

So, Kate, call me.  Seriously, I could help you.  We would probably be friends, except I'm not as polite as you are, but that way I'm not competing with you - polite properness could be your thing, I'll be the mouthy Canadian.

She's gonna call.  I can tell.

xo T

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