Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How the hey ho are ya?

I'm feeling more and more like the old hyper Théa every day...  Puking is no longer a daily part of my life, and nausea bouts are few and far between...  Oh pregnancy, what a joy you've been.  I find out today whether I got a lil' guy or lil' gal in there and am just over 5 months prego.  I'm almost over the awkward stage where it looks like I've just let myself go; a bump is starting to showing; however what IS awkward is my newly developed boobs, which I have NO idea how to deal with.  There are daily moments of inappropriateness.  Jugs are overrated.

So what have I been doing for the last month??  Well, there's been a LOT of traveling, which has been FABULOUS.  A lot of weddings, makeup lessons, and visiting with a few of my favourite people in the world.  Husbo and I just got back from a cabin adventure with friends up in BC, and are now in the process of finding a new place in Houston to move to.  Our place right now isn't baby friendly per say.  Behold some Canadian good times:
In Houston at the Maple Leaf Bar for Canada Day...
There were Canadians and wannabe Canadians everywhere
3 days later, a July 4th celebration complete with "America Cake" and fireworks
At the cabin:  A turkey dinner by Lizzy and Ben, and all of us in our new puff-paint t-shirts.
At the cabin.  Erinn got a special custom made necklace to go with
her new t-shirt.  Very Jersey Shore
Duggy joined in on the fun of "T-shirt time"
Very nice
There was some serious eating...  Each couple was in charge of a lunch and dinner.
We ate a lot of animal.
In makeup news, I have recently heard about Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara by Lancome.  Created from 7 years of research, it's inspired by the shiny, thick, separated lashes of the dolls of our youth.  I'm literally going to buy myself a tube today and will report back on its lusciousness.  It's a bit pricey, and I usually don't spend big moolah on mascara (I love me some Maybelline and Cover Girl), but a girl obsessed with lashes and mascaras has to sacrifice at times...  Speaking of obsessed with lashes; I knew that up at the cabin, I would be swimming a ton and mascara wouldn't be on my priority list, so instead of risking looking like a 12 year old boy (which unfortunately is what I look like sans mascara), I opted for a lash tint.  It cost about $20, and was NOT worth it!  It stung my eyes out of their sockets, and was kinda pointless.  Alas, the 12 year old boy version of Théa was out to play for a solid week (albeit with boobs this time... yeah prego hormones!).  Good GOD did it feel GREAT to put on makeup when I got home though!!

I'm jealous of you naturally black-lashed beauties.  Blondies, sometimes life just isn't fair.

xo T

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  1. I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congrats girl! I just moved to Houston last week - I need to get some of your cards to start handing out to my brides!