Monday, June 13, 2011

Poo magnet, teeth whiteners & mascara quests

I'm on the prowl for a good teeth whitener.  I've tried Crest Whitestrips and after one use it feels like someone has taken razor blades to my gums, so that's out.  I've also tried Go Smile and it's results seemed average (although the razor blade gum situation wasn't as bad).  I'm willing to give Go Smile another chance because I tried it 2 years ago, and probably never did the full ten days worth of teeth torture, so I shall keep y'all posted.  In the meantime, if y'all have any teeth whitening tips, I'm listening!

I'm feeling concerned that Dugg isn't missing the Husbo and I at all.  My parents are sending lots of photos of Dugg's Canadian adventure, and I'm pretty sure he's stoked to be at our cabin on a lake in perfect weather, as opposed to sweltering away in the Texas heat.  He's also suspiciously cuddly with people, which I'm choosing to ignore, because I want him to only be that cuddly with me!!  I'm a jealous mum.  One more thing I'm concerned about re Dugg:  As we know from previous blogs, I have a tendency to get Dugg's sh*t on me at least once/month.  This, turns out, is not normal.  It never happens to anyone else.  I'm working on this dilemma:  Poo magnet.
Dugg tanning on the new deck 
Dugg manipulating his grandma into a lil' treat.  I taught him this look.
I have it perfected.  Ask the Husbo.
So the whole fam damn is meeting in Toronto on Thursday to celebrate my mum's 60th and my sister-in-law's getting called to the bar.  Dugg gets to have a week with Mandy, one of my oldest and greatest girlfriends, to play on a farm with horses and various other doggy friends.  Seriously what a life he has.

Here's a few fun pics of the fun that's been going on in the last week or so for me...  It's been lots of exploring, mixed in with some great makeup jobs, and  fun visits from friends!

San Antonio River Walk: Sweating ballz off
One of my best GF's from high school, Sarah, came with her boyf from Austin for my 29th b-day!  
The Husbo took us to a glutinous breaky at my fav place, Benjy's.
One of these things is not like the other...
Sarah looking shrimpy beside my 6'5" Husbo, and her 6'4" boyf.
In makeup news, I've continued my never ending mascara hunt, in hopes of replicating my all time favourite, Maybelline lash stylist, which has been discontinued and kills me.  I was at MAC, helping a friend pick out some eyeshadow colours that would work with her look, and asked the sales lady what mascara she thought "created the most obnoxious lashes".  She directed me towards MAC's Zoom mascara.  My review is this:  I liked that it was a very "wet" mascara, because you could get a lot of product on the lashes quickly, however because of this "wetness" factor, it can also get all over your top eyelid VERY EASILY.  Also, you can't wait for it to dry between coats or it'll be clumpy.  It does lend to a more dramatic lash look, but I don't think I'll be rushing to purchase another one.  Sigh.

I'm off.  Say "yes" to queso.  It's delicious.

xo T

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