Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thong tha thong thong thong

Are you ready for a life changing tip?  Seriously, get ready:  Hanky Panky.  Oh my good Lord is this underwear ever amazing!  It's literally like slipping on a pair of clouds (at least as cloud-like as thongs can feel).  I discovered them in Toronto, when I was up there earlier this year, and since they are a bit of an investment ($18/pair), I bought only 2 pairs.  Well, I found myself getting depressed whenever I had to wear my other thongs, so I bought some more (2 more).  It's not enough.  I need more.  I refuse to let any other underwear near my whooha...  It's the little things that matter right ladies?  I've told a few of my close friends about this find of mine...  One actually stole a pair "by accident" on her recent visit.  I'm still angry at her.  But I actually can't blame her...  I mean we're close, but underwear stealing close isn't really an area we've ventured into; until Hanky Panky was brought to the table.  The results are in, and every lady has the same reaction:  "life changing".

As for the makeup/beauty routines I've been drawn to...  It's all about the matte bright red and pink lips for me!  Behold some inspiration:

This look is not for the shy "don't look at me" type.  This look gets attention, and deservedly so.  I've always thought that I look like a bit of a blow-up doll with red lips; however, I have discovered that if I keep them matte, and not glossy, it works for me.  I tend to go big on lashes, and bronzed skin, but that's it when I sport a bright lip.  I've also been skipping the lipstick, and using only lip pencils to fill in my lips for better staying power, no cakey-ness and a distinct matte finish.

In preggo beauty news...  I'm almost 33 weeks people!!!  Eeeeeek!  We had our prenatal classes the last couple of weeks and they kinda freaked me out a bit, however I'm still oddly mellow about it all.  Our nursery is looking amazeballs...  I'm so into it; very glamorous and mid-century modern.  The lil' Jujube has more expensive furniture than us, literally.  I noticed a couple of things in the preggo videos we had to watch....  Clearly there is a lot of pain involved (and sweating?), and the whole thing is overall the opposite of glamorous; but then there's the predicament of having a million photos that will be taken right after pushing that baby out, and you're at your peak haggardness...  What's a beauty minded girl to do?  I think I may just get lash extensions a couple of weeks before the expected delivery...  At least I won't look too much like a 12 year old, sweaty boy then?  Oh "pregnant girl problems".

What the hey ho is going on with Jessica Simpson?  That's my question of the day...

xo T

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